Cathedral Quarter, Belfast 28/365

Between a meeting in the Cathedral Quarter, and delivering an order of Janmary Designs jewellery to The Wickerman in High Street, I snapped a few photos with my iPhone. I always love this small side street off Hill Street.

Photo taken with iPhone camera app, straightened and tweaked slightly in Snapseed, then shared on Instagram.
Cathedral Quarter, Belfast 28/365

5 thoughts on “Cathedral Quarter, Belfast 28/365”

  1. Caroline Oceana Ryan

    I’ve gotten great shots of this street as well — one of my favorites in Belfast. Am enjoying your blog! And your designs are gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for the visit and the comment Caroline – are you on Instagram? If so, what’s your username?

    1. Caroline Oceana Ryan

      Hi Janmary!

      No, not on Instagram yet — but I am on Pinterest, at CarolineRyan99!

      Will have to follow you there, and elsewhere!

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