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Mum and Jonny

Sharing my daily iPhone photos on my blog – mum and my brother Jonny.

It has about 13 months since Mum had her stroke, and she has been cared for in a Nursing Home for almost a year.

As you can see she still hasn’t lost her lovely smile and sense of humour. Dad visits every day and eats lunch with her.

When I visit we usually watch a programme from BBC  iPlayer such as Great British Bake Off or Great British Sewing Bee – seeing a pattern here?!!

Mum always loved to bake and sew, and she enjoys watching these programmes and watching me make some jewellery as we watch together.

This morning my visit coincided with my brother Jonny, the artistic one (!) also calling in, and they obliged with posing for my daily iPhone pic.

Mum and Jonny

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