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Perfect day for geocaching on the north coast of Northern Ireland – we found 8!

My son and I had a wee adventure this morning on the north coast of Northern Ireland. Armed only with the Geocache app on my iPhone and a very enthusiastic 10 year old, we headed out for a spot of Geocaching.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Geocaching is a sort of treasure hunt challenge.

Some of the “caches” (what you are looking for) are so tiny that all they contain is a little strip of paper for you to write the date  of your visit and your Geocache username. Others are like a small lunch box and contain a notebook, pen, and a few “swaps” which my son loved, he added a small toy or a few marbles in exchange for another small toy! He also really enjoyed being “stealth-like” so as not to draw attention to what we were doing to general members of the public – all part of the fun!

We managed to locate 8 geocaches in around 4 hours, stopping of for lunch in Ballycastle.

Of course I took a photo or two on my iPhone – it was a glorious day for an adventure…it included stunning views, vanishing lakes, 16th century friary, and a lovely riverside walk I never knew exisited!
geocaching white park bay Northern Ireland

geocaching at the Vanishing Lake in Northern Ireland


geocaching at the Bonamargy Friary Northern Ireland

geocaching at the Bonamargy Friary Northern Ireland

geocaching in Ballycastle

As well as stopping off at some familiar parts of the north coast, we did discover a few new places too, and at each stop we had a wee explore about as well as looking for the treasure using the clues given.

Have you ever tried Geocaching? Let me know!

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