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Simple home decor with vintage typewriter and twinkly white lights

I love to decorate simple with the occasional vintage item and twinkly white lights.

simple home decor with  vintage typewriter at  janmary.com

Ever since learning to type with 2 fingers on my uncle’s portable typewriter I have always loved typewriters. Can’t say typing was my favourite role in my early days of working in a bank, but now with laptops, phones and tablets, everyone does their share of typing!

For a number of years I have been watching on ebay for a typewriter that was blue and affordable – finally found this one back in June, and it has sat in my hallway ever since. Probably going to move it during Christmas, but then it will be back.

Here it is in summer, with some pretty fresh flowers

simple home decor with vintage typewriter janmary.com

simple home decor with vintage typewriter janmary.com

My love of twinkly white lights – not so sure where that comes from, because as a child our Christmas tree lights were always multi-coloured. Ever since we have been married, all our christmas lights are white – and not just white ….. has to be WARM white! Anything else just isn’t as pretty!

Last year I finally added white lights and net curtain on the wall behind our bed, so now I can have twinkly lights all year round!

twinkly white lights in bedroom at janmary.com

My daughters also share my love of white lights

twinkly white lights in bedroom at janmary.com


I also have these twigs/white lights in our hallway – so upstairs and down, all year round …. I have my warm white lights! (Yes – I might be slightly obsessed …. but at least I have insight!)

Do you have a particular thing you like to decorate with?

Do share so I know I’m not alone!

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home decor vintage typewriter janmary.com

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