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  1. Hi Janine.

    I’ve just happened upon you while searching for information on-line. I’ve lived in Staffordshire for 30 years and every year, I bring different friends over there for a holiday, to show them where I come from and, hopefully, explain a little bit towards why I am different to the typical Brit! Next June, one of my friends would love to visit inside the Dominican Convent on the cliff there. Do you know if that’s possible? I’m a total non-catholic-heathen (!!!) but my friend works for a Benedictine Abbey, here in Staffordshire and she would love to visit the convent.

    Would you have any clue how we could get info on this please? Hope you don’t mind me asking.


    Aly x
    Born in Newtownards (1961)

    1. Hi Aly

      Thanks for visiting my blog and getting in touch. Sorry I can’t help with a visit to the convent – however it is still an active Grammar School, and so maybe just contacting the school directly might get you in the door? Hope you manage it!

      1. Many thanks for getting back to me Janine. I’ve done that and just await their response. Here’s hoping!

        Cheerio now\!
        (Do people still say that over there?) :o)

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