12th day of December – candles, snowflakes and a cinema party

We have the joy of two kids birthdays in December, both this side of Christmas.  So admist the present buying and card writing we have 2 birthday parties to organise.  This year our middle daughter wanted a swimming party but last week we found out the local fun pool would be closed for renovations. Quick change of plan, and instead of the pool we had the cinema party instead.  There were only 2 toilet trips EACH between the four girls, and the couple who kissed a few rows in front of us caused more giggles than anything happening on screen!

On to snowflakes (not real ones! – no snow here yet) and candles. 

This week at our jewellery class, along with making beaded snow-flakes we also decorated some candles with ribbon, wire, beads and pins.  Here are a few samples I made, and I imagine they will be featuring at the craft party I have arranged for my other daughter for NEXT Saturday!


So do you have any December birthdays?  If so, do you find it a challenge admist all the Christmas festivities?

Or have you tried making any new Christmas decorations this year?

Tomorrow we plan to visit a local open farm with reindeer and a special visitor (in a red suit), and my daughter is singing a solo verse (for the first time ever) with her school choir in our church evening service. At the moment I am more nervous than her!!!

Finally remember about our Nativity Set Blogging Carnival on 21 December, so come back and join in – there will be TWO prizes – one for a random blogger who takes part on the day, and one for a blogger who includes this button and a mention of the Carnival on their blog.

So grab the button, stick it on you blog, give the carnival at www.janmary.com and mention, and BE SURE to let me know – either comment here, or email me at janmary dot janmary @ gmail dot com 🙂

Take care until tomorrow.

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  1. I love making new Christmas decorations every year. I quilt and so this year I am trying to finish making a tree skirt but may be ready in time for next year!

  2. first…your candles are amazing!! i will definitely try those!
    goodluck to your daughter on her solo part!! do share photos of her performance.

    gotta go sleep now because its already 2:16 am.
    see you soon!!

  3. I already posted your button & talked about the carnival, but I’ll do it again when we get closer.

    Birthdays: My sis has a 19 yr old daughter with a birthday this last week & since the whole house was christmas decorated she super decorated the bathroom all pinky=ish since that’s where her daughter would spend most of the morning before running off to school! Very cute idea I thought!

  4. I love those candles. Beautiful!

    We do have a December birthday. Monday, Hope turns wonderful 2. 🙂 So I’m up late trying to make a ladybug cake for her party tomorrow. She is in love with those little red bugs. I’m still learning how to make Christmas time birthdays work. Right now is easy since she doesn’t really care. I’m going to enjoy that one for a while.

  5. My older daughter has a birthday the first week of December. Several years ago she finally asked that we not decorate for Christmas until after celebrating her day, because she felt as if her birthday was lost under all the Christmas hoopla. Although we still cut down our tree right after Thanksgiving, nothing is decorated until we’ve celebrated her day with her.

  6. Wowzers! Hey that’s not bad for bathroom trips during a film though! I don’t have any December birthdays in our immediate family, my kids lead into the holidays and right back out though! Twin in October, then the boys are one in November and one in January… and I thought I had it bad! LOL! You’re snowflakes, gorgeous, btw!

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