After the hair-cut, and after the front tooth fell out!

As previously mentioned, my 6 year old was desparately in need of a haircut.

I promised some after photos.

Then his front tooth fell out, so here are some after-the-after photos too.

And yes- the cheeky grin and red hair perfectly match his temperament!

Finally, I was struck by the similarity between these two photos –

They may have been taken 2 years apart, but the smile and twinkle in his eyes are just the same!

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  1. How interesting! I just found your blog in {i heart faces}. I saw the N.Ireland thing and had to click! …because my husband and I are both from NI too! We moved to Canada 11 years ago, but we still go back every Christmas to see our families….and shop!! 😉 We have a couple of things in common, because we are Christians too! 🙂

    So nice to see you, and I loved seeing your wee man. My husband and I are both red heads, so it made me smile!


  2. ok
    I need
    I want
    I would love to have this little guy for my portfolio
    especially now that the tooth is gone –
    so so cute!!!!
    Only 5more weeks till B gets his present then we can start making plans to see each other!!!!

  3. Wow! Sometimes if you don’t know a child they change so much in pictures. He looks so much the same. Tell him congrats on the tooth.

  4. LOL!!! He has room to be mischevious – it goes with the look. How could you not smile back at that jolly little face? The haircut really transformed him though, must say. Thanks for sharing his wonderful smile with us, it made my day.

    Love, Barb

  5. JanMary–those portraits are wonderful! Yes, the cheeky, mischievious grin and the know-it-all twinkle are there! It doesn’t get much better than this!

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