A Birthday Love Letter

I am editing this post on Friday 22nd August, to include a link to Show & Tell at No Place Like Home. Every week it is a place to share something special, and this week I think the following letter I received from my husband deserves to be shared! Hope you agree.

Today is my birthday – 41 years, and counting!

I have scheduled this post, as I plan to spend my birthday away at a lovely hotel. My parents are coming for a “sleep over” with our kids.

I was touched/amazed/impressed when I received an email from my husband last night (from his laptop while he sat on the other sofa!). It was entitled

Happy Birthday

We have known each other for 20 years this month, so here are some reasons why after 16 years of marriage why I still love you:

  • I love the way you are the hinge for our family. A really important central cog in everything the 5 of us do.
  • I love the way you have built us a home (or 2). It makes us all feel safe and secure and loved and accepted.
  • I love the fact that you make me feel needed and wanted and valued.
  • I love the way you do not seem to care about status. You were always very supportive during my career as a junior doctor but you seemed happy to accept wherever I ended up. You are not a traditional consultant’s wife.

  • I love coming home from work to your roast chicken dinner. Especially the gravy.
  • I love your creativity. You have done so much to help us remember our favourite family times in photography and digital scrapbooking.
  • I love the way you naturally share your faith in your blog.

  • I love the way you talked so openly at the church weekend about your postnatal depression. You spoke brilliantly. I was very proud.
  • I love the way you are happy to be involved in church when you can, but happiest to go quietly unseen. I love this because it says you do it for the best reasons.

  • I

    love the way we work together as a team.

  • I love the way you can build that bridge after someone has hurt you. You do not hold grudges.
  • I love the way that you have tried so hard in every part of our life together.

I may be biased, but I am blessed by a wonderful husband! The aforementioned wonderful husband has added the following post script:

“I can’t take all the credit – this was prompted by a posting on another blog Pragmatic Compendium by another husband. The above have been edited for public consumption. Usually this sort of stuff makes me want to throw up!!!”

Ok – enough romantic gushiness, normal service has resumed!

It would not be a post by me without adding a Digital Scrapbooking layout, and not wanting to disappoint, here is today’s offering.

Credits – Great Outdoors by Gina Marie Huff and Heidi Williams at Weeds & Wildflowers

Finally, thanks to CJ for this cute Birthday Bloggy gift

I would LOVE you to leave a comment, especially your lurkers who tell me you read my blog and NEVER comment!

Until next time, take care.

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  1. Happy Birthday
    Your husband is wonderful, what a lovely tribute and ideas have to come from somewhere

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!
    What a wonderful gift you have in your DH. Even if it wasn’t “his” idea, just the fact that he did it makes you such a lucky, loved woman. I hope you enjoy your day!!

  3. hey sweety…Happy birthday!!! I hope you’ll have a wonderful, special day with your DH…what a sweet letter even if that’s so not for him to do! I loved it and well you’re so lucky! 🙂 Enjoy this beautiful day! **mwah**

  4. That was such a sweet post by your DH! Even if it was copied, he at least thought about it!
    I forgot I sent that to you already! Boy, sometimes I’m not the briggest tool in the shed! LOL

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I hope your day is fantastic!

    I was so excited to see your comment in the last few days! My sister-in-law said she was impressed that I was “international” now.

    But no one was more impressed than I!

    Happy Day!

  6. Happy Birthday, JanMary!

    Wow – what a wonderful gift of words from your husband. I don’t care what anyone says – those sentiments beat any present that could be wrapped and given. No question!

  7. Happy Birthday! I’ve just got to say that I love looking at your photos and layouts. Totally inspires me. I popped over today from Kellie’s site and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to subscribe to your blog forever. You’re (finally) new in my bloglines account!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE it that my anniversary present led to such a sweet sentiment for you! We both have GREAT husbands!

    (FirstHusband read your post before I did and he said something about “buying that guy a pint.” That means he was impressed!)

  9. Happy Birthday! I hopped over from Kelli’s and what a sweet blog you have! And a sweet hubby as well. 🙂

  10. Hope you had a great birthday. Thought as I always read your blogg I should try to leave you a wee message. I love seeing all your layouts. They’re great! I have started this week trying to get into digital scrapbooking but I still have a long way to go. Think it’s a fantastic way to use your digital photos. (Its great having husbands who spoil you!)

  11. Hope your birthday celebration was great! The letter from your hubby, tho things like this would normally make him throw up, is so sweet! What a great man you have.

    Happy Show n Tell day!

  12. Oh my goodness, I don’t care where he got the idea, that man is a keeper! His words were lovely and heartfelt. Can’t imagine a better birthday gift! Lovely-Kathy

  13. Good for him, NO MATTER WHAT inspired him! Happy Birthday to you (I’m 42), welcome to the other side of 40-the view is much CLEARER over here! Have fun!

  14. How special for him to put his feeling in writing to share his heart with you. You are indeed blessed.

  15. How special for him to put his feelings for you in writing. You are indeed blessed.

  16. I LOVE your blog entry – It always brings me to my knees when a man is bold enough/cares enough to ‘get over’ being ‘manly’ and shy – to step out and uplift their wives. Your husband sounds just like my Miles. This truly is the BEST gift, like when Miles hijacked my blog too. Awww, JM, I’m so tickled for you. I hope you are just totally enjoying your {very young, haha} self somewhere being pampered on the OUTSIDE now that you’ve been pampered on the inside.

    I’m so proud of you too – you’re ALWAYS an inspiration.

    I obviously missed being timely to do something for you … but won’t you allow me to do a layout for you sometime? I’d be honored!


  17. Hey…just getting to read this today, didnt realise he was such a romantic 🙂
    And it sounds like you had a great weekend.

  18. Belated happy Birthday! What a beautiful letter from your husband! Will definitely have to show that one to mine! LOL! Love your blog, LO’s and photography!


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