It’s Birthday Time

 As a child I hated having a birthday during the school summer holidays, as my friends always seemed to be away, and by the time we got back to school my birthday seemed a distant memory.

There was one advantage though – you were never subjected to “the bumps”.

Did you have the bumps as a child? My kids did know what the bumps were – they are probably banned now on the grounds of Health and Safety – and they are probably right to do so.

Basically your “friends” take you by the arms and the legs and through you up in the air the same number of times as your age.  With girls wearing school uniform skirts, there was not much dignity!  They are supposed to catch you JUST as you are about to hit the ground.

Maybe an August brithday isn’t so bad after all!

This morning I received some lovely gifts from my family, along with a mug of tea in bed, and they they all left me in peace to have a lie in 🙂

 Later we met some friends for lunch in Portrush, and then went back to their house for chat/play depending on your age!

This evening, on returning to the cottage, I was served a lovely squishy mini chocolate cake with one candle – well 44 would have been a bit of a fire hazard!

 My daughter made me some traditional paper chains to decorate the cottage for the birthday festivities.

Since we now live in the age of Facebook, it has been lovely getting birthday wishes from far and wide.

I read recently on a blog that it isn’t good to ask a question at the end of every blog post, so I won’t ask you a question, in case it might be intimidating.

(I would ask you what your views were on asking questions at the end of blog posts, but then that would be asking a question… I won’t!)

4 thoughts on “It’s Birthday Time”

  1. Happy birthday!

    I like blog questions. It can probably be overdone, but I think it gives the readers something to comment about. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to comment about.

  2. Happy Birthday to you,
    One of the sweetest friends I ever knew,
    And I’ve known you since before you were 42,
    And we have several more decades to get through.

    LOL – Even if I have to get old and wrinkly before I get to visit it will be worth it.

    Wishing you the best year of your life, JM – I love you dearly.

    ♥ Barb

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