Project 365 – Weekly summaries

Are you taking part in Project 365 – taking a photo a day to record life’s happenings (both monemental and insignificant) for 365 days?

I am (just about) managing to keep going, with the help of digital scrapbooking. Gina at Weeds and Wildflowers has created an amazing resource /collection called LIFE 365 to help us “scrap” these moments. From time to time she also creates “add-ons” to build up the collection further, and if your weekly summaries are UP TO DATE (!) then you are entitled to claim the next “add-on” for free.

So there has been a flurry of activity on my laptop, to ensure I have caught up, and I want to share them with you.

So here you have six weeks of my life over the summer, preserved for posterity now in all their digital glory!

As always, I love your comments.

We have been enjoying some beautiful warm mild days here in Northern Ireland, but already the trees are starting to change colour – will share some photos soon.

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  1. I too have kept up with project 365 – and I love it – i am looking forward to doing it next year again. I am so proud that I kept it up – since jan I have only missed 2 days of not taking a photo – It’s hard to believe the year is almost over already – but it’s so much fun looking back on all the pic’s from this year.

  2. Awesome that you’ve kept up with this! I’m still aiming for a photo a day, but have missed heaps!

  3. Beautiful! I really want to start with digital scrapbooking but don’t know where to start.

  4. You are gifted! Wish I was that way with scrapbooking/photos.

    Sounds like your weather is wonderful. Ours is FINALLY cooling off in CA, US, but it will be back up to almost 100 by the end of the week!

  5. Oh I failed miserably AGES ago:) The layouts really do look lovely, it makes me wish I’d kept up with mine.

    Maybe next year!

  6. i like the simplicity of your arrangement!! really beautiful! congratulations for being up-to-date!! im excited too on what the next hp will be….can’t wait!!

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