The winner, and another prize winner!

The winner of the £50 kitchen accessories giveaway is

………..Joby (who currently does not have a blog to share).

She is delighted with her win. Thanks to the sponsors for sponsoring this giveaway, and thanks for all who entered too. If you missed checking out their site, take a look.

Yesterday was the final day of a 5 day swimming course for my son. Getting there every day with all 3 kids was a bit of a struggle some days, but yesterday made it all worth while!

On the last day, they all got to try out for a swimming badge. One little girl got her 10m badge, and the rest are all still pre-swimmers, and were aiming for their Teddy Bear 3 badge.

For this you need to achieve a number of tasks, including – climb into the pool unaided, “swim” with armbands and floats on front and back, put your head underwater to pick up a swim stick, jump in un-aided.

The final task was the biggie for my son – for months he has refused to jump in, but yesterday he DID – not only in the shallow end, but in the deep end too!

He also swam about 3 metres on his back without armbands – but to my knowledge there are no badges for 3m!!!

When we got back to the changing room, I recorded this clip on my iphone. He is so excited you may not follow all he says, but you can’t miss his pride and joy.

I had promised (bribed?) him that we would buy a surprise if he jumped in, so that is the “prize” he is talking about at the end.

Can you tell he is excited!!!

Finally, I am still taking part Project 365 by taking daily photos. To prove it, here are some of the photos from the last few weeks – in no particular order!

Family walk

Cat in a box (he loves to find boxes to sleep in – no matter how small!)

A frog from our garden

Last “Toddler Group” haircut – yes, we can get our kids hair cut at our church toddler group.Thanks for letting me share – you know I love to take photos.

Be back soon.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by on my SITS day. i love the idea of taking 365 days worth of pictures! The cat in the box–that would be my kitty!

  2. I will definitely have to let Chloe watch that video later and then I’ll be able to say “there now, that’s what its like to learn to swim”. She’ll happily go to the pool for a splash around but for some reason when I mention swimming or lessons she runs.

  3. your pictures and stories are great as always! Thanks for sharing the wonderful sunflowers!

    The one with the cat in the box is really cool!

    And the frog is cute

    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. omgosh, that video was total cuteness! Could he be any cuter?

    I just want to bottle up your accent and keep it on my shelf and open it every once in awhile when I want to get happy.

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