Sunday Summary

A quick post with a few things to share :

A friend has started to blog this weekend, following a recent cancer diagnosis. As a mum of 3 young boys she has her hands full but is sharing her journey online.  It would be great if you could take a moment to visit her blog. Her positive attitude is reflected in her blog title “When it’s dark look for stars”,based on this quote

“When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.”

  • This week I am looking forward to the kids finishing school on Friday and heading up to the cottage for half term.

What’s happening in your world this week?

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  1. SWEET layout! Cats are such a comfort, such snobs, such fun, so bossy and sometime just the purrrr-fect little buddy.

    Off to visit your friend’s blog. Thx for pointing us thata way.

    Love, Barb

  2. I’m about to catch a plane for what will amount to a pretty icky week. Just wanted to pop in here and tell you I love your layout!

  3. love the photo of George – and thanks for posting the story on your friend I stopped by her blog and left some comments – what a brave person she is. Hope your week is going well

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Sunday Summary

This morning our church focused on our overseas missionaries. We were in charge of the 8 – 12 years olds during Children’s Church and our activity we concentrated on a family from Ireland who are working in Zambia. We helped the kids learn about the country then we wrote letters to the children in the family, sharing a bit about us and asking them questions.

For nearly the entire afternoon our cat has been snoozing in the living room, so made a perfect photographic model. Ocasionally he opened his eyes and this was one of those moments.

I also have 2 of my Project 365 weekly summaries to share.

Hope you are having a great Sunday.

Take care, see you tomorrow.
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  1. Aww, so cute, our cat is laying next to me asleep now, after coming in and “kissing” me first! He looks much like your cat, maybe when he wakes up, I’ll show him the picture! hihi!

  2. Loving the pics, especially your self-pic – it’s beautiful!! We had a friend who was a missionary in Zambia for a couple of years – I loved hearing her talk about it. She worked as a physical therapist at a hospital in a small village. I bet the kids in that family are going to LOVE getting those letters!

  3. Okay, you know I now have to test the removal of comment word verification! LOL.

    Cute project pages!!

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