On the 2nd day of December….a christmas cushion

Continuing with my plan to post daily until Christmas Eve about my Christmas decor, plans and memories today I am sharing…a cushion and a blanket!

I love to keep a few items which just appear in the month of December, apart from the obvious Christmas Tree etc. I bought this cushion a few years ago, and if you pull the bottom corner, it says”Ho, Ho, Ho and sings a few lines of “Santa Clause is coming to town”.

Will you believe me if I tell you it is not too irritating? Probably not, but actually it surprisingly does not annoy me – maybe because it only gets played for the month of December.

This year I have added this very snugly blanket. I saw it last year, and regretted not buying it at the time, so could not resist it this year.

I have visions of being wrapped up in it in front of a lovely old christmas film, Reality may not be quite so blisful with great “debate” among the kids about which film we watch, who gets to sit where ….. but I can dream.

Finally here is a christmas card I designed recently as J M Digital Designs. The 3 kids were all in different photos, but we managed to get them together!

Come back tomorrow for more……please?

How are your preparations going? What is your favourite Christmas item in your house? Please share.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder to keep Christmas magical. I cant wait to get the tree out this week! we are making snowman crafts today!

  2. The card is lovely. How people managed to get their kids all together in a photo in the old days is beyond me.

    For me it’s the fire. as cold as it gets any other time of the year we try to light it only in December. I love to cover the house with candles as well at Christmas, but for soome reason I can’t find them. They’re about here somewhere though.

    Actually I quite fancy having a go at making a wreath for the door this year instead of buying one.

    Oh and there’s a huge house old house on the Belfast Road that covers the house and every tree in the garden with tiny white lights and as soon as I see that I know it’s Christmas. There must be thousands of them and its beautiful to look at.

  3. First of all, I love the blanket. I would really like to have one like it.
    Second, I have you in my favorites. I know I don’t come by often but maybe that will change. Plans are under way for a 2009 Circle Journal. I would really like it if you would consider joining. If not, maybe one of your readers. I want to have a variety of countries involved so we can learn more about our places in time.
    There is more about it on today’s post.
    I love the Christmas card you designed. What is your favorite movie?
    Mama Bear

  4. Your card is fabulous! Definately better these precious little ones crawl over the DIGITAL gifts, rather than the real ones. haha!

    Beginning to look festive and I love the blanket. Will I be able to keep up to you this month? LOL!

    I am ahunting your blog for the lvoely list you gave a while ago where you talked about resources for starting to digitally scrap to share with a new digital scrapper.


  5. Cute card!! My favorite Christmas item…hands down, its definitely an ornament that I made when I was 5. Its a styrofoam cup bell (hence its survival) with pieces of fabric glued on it and every year I love getting it out and hanging it on a place of prominence on the tree. My family always teases me about it. Its always a favorite memory and item. 🙂

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