Day 19 – Ten years ago today…..

Ten years ago today, I gave birth to my first child, Sarah, by caesarean section. She was 4 weeks early, and I was suffering from pre-eclampsia, but all was well, and we both got home on Christmas Eve.

This photo was taken shortly after her birth, she lay beside me, eyes wide open but very still and quiet.

And these photos were taken today – and she is still as beautiful, but a bit more chatty!

In case you were wondering, part of her birthday present was a set of spotty luggage.

Todays Christmas Survey Question – When do you put your presents below your Christmas Tree?

My mother loves to tell the story of how my eldest brother, as a toddler went down early one Christmas, and not only opened a few presents, but unwrapped ALL the presents both the ones to be given and received. Apparently there was a lot of matching up of torn paper to size of present to try to establish what had been received and from whom. I don’t think they ever totally succeeded.

Despite this, as a child, all our presents went under the tree as soon as they were received, and there they stayed, taunting me, until Christmas Day. Today I have a bit less faith in my children’s ability of self-control, and I keep them out of harm and temptations way until Christmas Eve. As a child all presents were kept until Christmas Day, but we allow a few to be opened when received (especially ones we know to be sweets and chocolate – better to spread the unhealthy eating over a longer period), and the kids do get to choose one present to open on Christmas Eve.

I would love to know what you do with your Christmas presents before Christmas. Please share.

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  1. Your daughters new luggage looks perfect for a child!! My niece would probably like it! LOL Love that picture of her as a baby too, its just adorable!

  2. Beautiful pictures.
    I wrap the presents and put them under the tree after the kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve.

  3. That first photo is sooo precious! I love newborns, and yours is especially adorable. The photo makes me want to pick her up and cuddle her.

    What I do with the gifts varies from year to year. The years I hide them…I tend to forget where I put some!!!

  4. I bet it seems like yesterday she was a baby… Now she’s poised between a child and a teen. I think this time is the best – the teens bring such pressure as they shake off childish beliefs and lose some of the wonder that seeing the world thru a childs eyes brings. The’cake photos are beautiful. We put our gifts under the tree right away – no kids here – ha ha – we are too busy and tired to even think of peekin’ THank you for sharing! – Barb

  5. We put any that are received early under the tree (if friends drop something off), but the ones from us appear on Christmas Morning. Santa leaves his presents in a sack in the bedroom.

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