Photogaphy course continued, and celebrations

Much to my disappointment, both the photo courses I have been on are coming to an end. I’ll miss the new challenges, getting out of the house every Tuesday evening (!), and having a steady stream of topics and photos for my blog!

Here are a few photos taken for the challenge categories of Monotone

And also here’s an abstract photo – another challenge

In other news, our middle daughter received a letter last weekend confirming which school she would be moving to in September. Great relief and celebrations all round as she got her first choice.

 We were really pleased with all the hard work she put in for the exams, and it was lovely to see the delight on her face.  My parents took us out to the Parsons Nose restaurant in Hillsborough for a lovely meal to celebrate.

Exams are also over for our eldest daughter, and youngest son just got the SuperKid at school today – so we are proud parents of all our kids.

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  1. so glad for your daughter!! hurah!!! It’s always nice when you get your first choice!! She is looking so grown up in these pictures –
    can’t wait to meet her !!
    You’ve done great with your classes –
    it really helps to get your creative juices flowing doesn’t it!!!!

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