27th December – the Nativity Carnival round-up and the best gift of all

I was thrilled to have over 20 participants from around the world participating in my first  Christmas Nativity Blog Carnival.

If you have not yet had a chance to visit all the blogs taking part, I hope maybe will still have the opportunity.

It would be impossible to choose a favourite – they were all so varied, so you will just have to check them out for yourselves! 

There was one special post not added to the carnival, but I would love to share – about the first Christmas, and the special birth that this season is all about – warning, it is not the cosy/cozy, romantic birth portrayed in most Nativity sets. It is Birth Stories by Missy from Texas at It’s Almost Nap Time, and please check it out.

So on to the winners – there are two – chosen at random (of course)

First one for promoting the blog carnival before hand, and the winner is Brenda Susan

The second chosen at random from the participants is the blogger Long Days, Short Years

I will contact the winners and they can be on the look out for a gift on it’s way from me.

Finally, at church this morning we were challenged to consider about what Christmas means to us, and what it should mean all year round, not just for the Christmas season.

The kids (and the adults) get so excited about the gifts under the tree

yet how much more excited we should be about the gift of life offered by Jesus.

Christ is for life …… not just for Christmas.

6 thoughts on “27th December – the Nativity Carnival round-up and the best gift of all”

  1. Brenda Susan

    Thank you thank you! I’m so excited to win! Can’t wait to see my prize. This was very fun, I loved going to ALL the other bloggers & enjoying their nativity Sets! Great idea Jan & Thanks!

  2. I wrote my “Nativity” post, but never posted it. I was waiting for the weather to improve so the lighting would be better for photos. I finally just took them anyway! I’m enjoying your blog, and love that you love Jesus … I agree that Christ is for Life, not just a holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Mommy Cracked

    I sooo hope you will do this again next year. I’m just now getting a chance to look at all of the nativity sets. Awesome idea!

  4. bentonflocke

    love your friendly reminder…. Christ is for life …… not just for Christmas… that´s it!!

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