28th December – Shopping in the Sales

As this month (and year) comes to an end, my ambitions to blog daily are waning, but I am perservering!

This morning, with below freezing temperatures, I headed out to the sales at The Outlet, Banbridge, with my daughters and their Christmas money and vouchers just waiting to be spent.

We all had sucesses with our purchases with scarves, jeans, watches, bags and purses amongst other items.  My daughters remained true to type, with one struggling not to spend EVERYTHING in the first two shops, and the other reluctant to spend ANYTHING at all!

Personally I bought a lovely DKNY watch, some Gap and Fat Face items and a black handbag from Mexx.

On the way along the dual carriageway to The Outlet, one of my daughters said in a concerned voice, “Mum, it said back there that “The Gap” was closed!”……however it was pointed out that this was a traffic sign about the gap in the central reservation being closed due to a new road layout! 

Later in the day, my brother-in-law and his family came to visit, and the cousins enjoyed sharing their new Christmas gifts, including the Madagascar Kart Wii game.

Only a few more days to enjoy the Christmas decorations and lights……and New Year and resolutions looming. 

Do you make any resolutions? How do you celebrate New Year? My curious and inquisitive mind would love to know!!!

9 thoughts on “28th December – Shopping in the Sales”

  1. LOVE that watch!! Its hard for me to blog daily as well… life just gets in the way sometimes! 😉 But I love when you do…love when I can get here and spend some time looking at your lovely pictures and reading about your family… I do so enjoy it!


  2. I am so proud of you my friend, that I decided to come visit you and support you even tho we JUST got home today. Boy you HAVE been busy. We went to Boxing Day sales as well. I spent down to my very last nickle. I would be like one of your dd’s. Its hard work to do that sometimes, spend every single cent.

    Lovely watch!

    How nice to have company – part of the joys of the season, connecting with friends and rellies.

    I will check on you thru the following days – walk you to the end of the year!

    Love, Barb

  3. Creative Junkie

    This is the first year that I didn’t hit any post-Christmas sales. I was just whipped – had no energy to trek out there and fight the crowds.

    New Year’s will be with Nate’s family, as it is every year. Nothing special – just food and games and then a very tense 20 minute ride home where I freak out at the mere thought of some drunk idiot plowing into us.

  4. Ohhhh daily blogging, good for you, that is amazing. Will you keep it up in the new year? Sounds like you’ve had a great time shopping, kids are so cute, aren’t they?

    New Years celebrations- we usually try to stay up until midnight, sometimes we have a drink. I plan to spend New Years Day cleaning up my crafting area, getting a fresh start. As for resolutions- I’ve always made them in the past, but never stuck with them so the last couple years I haven’t.

    Hope you have a happy and safe New Year.

  5. Gorgeous watch!

    Now, I’m not usually a resolution kind of gal, but this year I feel like I have too many “goals” to not put them in writing. If for no other reason than to help keep me on track and to have something to reference throughout the year. And of course, I blogged about them!

  6. I gave my granddaughter a gift card to Justice. I asked her if she wanted to go shop the year end sales or wait until Spring stuff is out. She wants to go now so we’ll go Thursday. She is one who has a hard time deciding what to spend her money on so I’ll find a comfy chair and sit awhile.
    Honey Bear and I usually spend a quiet New Year’s Eve alone. I bought some steak and he will grill them for us, along with a salad and some rolls. We will probably watch football. Sometimes we eat the meal in front the fireplace. We have Mimosas and toast the new year. We don’t usually stay up until midnight.
    Yes, I set goals for myself. Things like, keep in better touch with family and friends who live away, commit to set aside time for Bible study, Exercise more & keep my food diary. I want to start walking again on the treadmill when I can’t outside. I will make some short term goals also.
    Mama Bear

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