My fave kid photo

My husband chuckled when I asked him to suggest my fave kid photo – there are just SO MANY to choose from. I am an avid photographer, and my kids are my usual victims subjects!

So here are a FEW of each, sorry, but I just could not pick one! All these have been narrowed down from photos taken in the past 6 months.

First my eldest, shell seeking at the beach

My middle daughter, also on the beach!

My son – and yes, he has as much spirit and energy as the red hair and cheeky grin suggest!Finally, a couple of all 3So – which photo would you pick?

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9 thoughts on “My fave kid photo”

  1. bentonflocke

    that´s really hard to choose!

    I would pick the first one with all three – the one without the teddies!

  2. Rhea@mommy23monkeys

    You are right, it was so hard to narrow down a favorite picture this week. You have beautiful kids!

  3. Jenn @ Beautiful Calling

    I’m with you – I can’t decide either. I really do love he beach photos though. What a beautiful area you live in!!!

  4. Hi,
    I couldn’t pick just one photo either! You did better than me! I could only narrow my down to 12!
    I really like the photo with all 3 kiddos and their teddies.
    Heather-blog hopping

  5. All the pictures are fantastic. I love the one with your son and his cheeky little grin! To precious!

  6. Creative Junkie

    My favorite is your cutie little red head on his stomach looking out at the water. He’s just adorable and I love his red shoes.

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