Jumping for joy (or because Mum asked!)

The these this week at I Heart Faces Photography Challenge is Jump for Joy.

Having the kids jump while I take their photos is a frequent tactic I use to get happy and relaxed photos.

I struggled to choose just one photo to pick, but I eventually chose this one of my eldest daughter on the beach here in N Ireland last summer.

If this is your first visit here, I am hosting a St Patrick’s Day Blogging Carnival with prizes on 17 March – I would love you to join me and share how you do (or even don’t) celebrate this Irish day.

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  1. WONDERFUL – Don’t you wish we could all do this? So… do you ever turn the camera around and let the children photograph you six ways to sunday? Haha, just a question. I would’nt be that brave.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm – where did my comment go? I know I posted one when you published this post?

    Love the photo JM!

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