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Home FROM the holidays! (and new kitchen reveal)

It seems like forever since we left home for the north coast of N Ireland for our Easter holidays.

My son returned to Nursery School and my husband returned to his work. My daughters are moving into their new school buildings later this week, so for now their holidays continue.

To celebrate we went to the dentist this morning (!) and then to Ikea for some kitchen supplies shopping.

Before I move on to the first glimpse of the made-over kitchen, first I need to share a photo from yesterday.

After having an impromptu child-swap-sleep over on Saturday night, we gained a temporary daughter, and my son asked “Is she staying for EVER?”

Both families met for a final walk on the beach on Sunday morning in Portrush. When I see her walking down the beach hand in hand with my wee son, I can see why he would love her to stay!

The kitchen……..

drum roll……..

Remember……………it’s not finished yet (I hope this much is obvious!)

here you go……..

I was aiming for a wood/cream/chrome effect.

Still to be fitted/completed – cooker hood, pelmet, plinth lighting, splash back, painted walls, new curtains, new curtain pole, new central light in kitchen end, new storage in family room end…….

but we are getting there.

In case you have forgotten, here are a few “before” pics.

I hope you agree and improvement.

As more is completed I will keep sharing photos, and when it is ALL done, I will give a grand tour!

Must go as I am using my new cooker to roast a chicken for dinner tonight, and all the new functions and settings are taking some getting used to!

26 thoughts on “Home FROM the holidays! (and new kitchen reveal)”

  1. Digi Designz

    Amazing reno’s on the kitchen! it looks spectacular. You must be so happy its finally finished! woot woot

  2. bentonflocke

    it turned out fantastic – your new kitchen is really wonderful!!

    When is the rosted chicken ready? Iยดll come and taste it… LOL

  3. Oh, wow! It reminds me of a kitchen you’d see on a Food Network show (do you guys have FN?). It’s so much lighter and brighter. I love the wood-look counters. Just beautiful. So what will your first meal in your new kitchen be?

  4. It looks beautiful. Your cooktop is amazing – have you cooked in it already? I’d probably be afraid to start b/c it all looks so shiny and pretty. Congrats and enjoy!

  5. Hi JanMary…I can’t even tell you what I would do for a stove like that…your kitchen is so much brighter now! I love it!

    Your little boy is smitten!


  6. Sandier Pastures

    Would you believe my kitchen is 1/5th of that in size? Wow!!I would have a cooking spree everyday if that was my kitchen in the photo…any of the photos (before or after, I won’t mind)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. CJ, the Purple Diva

    It was worth the wait! Looks wonderful!

    And I love the beach picture! Just priceless!

  8. Wow, I can’t wait to see the completed kitchen! We are in the midst of a complete kitchen and master bath remodel. Right now there’s only plumbing and electric done. No walls even. So nothing much to see yet. 7 more weeks!

  9. Kitchen is LOVELY! So much more restful and sleek all at the same time. If you are like me you will want to be in the kitchen ALL the time now haha! I guess any reason atall is a good one to get you in there. How did the chicken turn out? Are your new appliances hard to get used to? What do the children like best about it? Do any of your children like to cook?

    The photo of your ds and friend is so sweet. I think your son makes me smile – a LOT! He wears his heart and emotions on the outside, kids are so real. They like what they like etc! So, when you get a compliment from them – its real and from the heart.

    I’m SO glad you let me know you’d posted about your renovations, I’ve been looking forward to it as if it were in my own home haha!


  10. The kitchen looks AMAZING!! I really like the cream and stainless together. What a difference from the old, dark cupboards – it must feel bigger too?! The lights inside the cupboards are great too! You must be loving it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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