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Spring is here and other lessons learned this week.

I really look forward to my weekly lessons learned post, and discovering some new blogs along the way.

Recently we have been experiencing some beautiful spring weather. Today was a bit more of a mixed day weather-wise but we made it to the park this afternoon.

The cherry blossom was beautiful and I learned…..

  • LESSON 1 – my kids feel the heat and cold in different ways

Here is my son – wrapped up in his cosy winter coat, with 3 layers on, and not a bit interested in removing even just one layer.

And my eldest daughter right beside him – with only a short sleeved t shirt on her top half

My middle daughter is somewhere in the middle – she eventually removed some layers!

  • LESSON 2 – who needs toys when you have a cardboard box to play in!

  • LESSON 3 – my kids LOVE the new ice and chilled water dispenser on the fridge – so much so that I have to restrict the amount my son drinks of it before bedtime….we had our first “accident” on a long time!

  • LESSON 4 – my kids must have inherited their strong healthy teeth from their dad. Yet another 6 monthly checkup and not (yet!) a single filling in the mouths of any of my 3 kids. Me?….I needed a filling replaced
  • LESSON 5 – I am definitely deciding to make these charm bracelets to sell on Etsy

  • Lesson 6 – I LOVE my new kitchen (even though it is not finished yet!)

More pics HERE

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Have you learned anything this week? Please share.

22 thoughts on “Spring is here and other lessons learned this week.”

  1. LOVE EACH OF THESE LESSONS! i have a kiddo who hates wearing jackets even in the cold. u should see my husband. he gets so annoyed and tries to force him. I am more the type to throw his jacket in the trunk. its funny cause we live in texas and within 10 minutes of getting in the car its hot from the sunshine. i laugh everytime.Mister Potts is so silly sometimes.

  2. michellewaite1

    I have one child who is always hot and one that is always cold. It has been quite hot here lately and the kid who is always hot would go nude if I let him.

  3. I have too children who would quite happily go through winter without shoes and in t-shirts. But then it doesn’t get all that cold here ;o)
    I adore that bracelet!

  4. Oh, what a pretty bracelet! And I love how you blogged today, in “lessons” format – very creative!

  5. Love the photos!! The kitchen looks great! Playing with the boxes is always more fun than anything else!! My boys always loved that!!

    Good luck with making and selling the bracelets! It’s so pretty!

  6. Your weather sounds like mine! We’ve had 3 days of sunshine and spring-like temperatures, but tomorrow it’s back to rain and cold. Fickle weather!

    Oh, and love the bracelet, love the kitchen!

  7. Great photos and loved reading your lessons! Love that bracelet too!! I am sure they will sell very well!

  8. Great lessons. Toots swaps back and forth depending on what day it is, sometimes she’ll pile on the layers and other days, like michellewaite1 said she would run around naked if I let her.

  9. CJ, the Purple Diva

    I love all the lessons you learned this past week and the pictures are just marvelous!
    I especially love lesson number 5! I can’t wait!

  10. bentonflocke

    interesting lessons!! Love each of your shots most the pics with the cardboard box.

    And your bracelet is fantastic again – you are so creative!

  11. your bracelet is very nice 😉 Are you up on Etsy yet? lovely pictures. My house is filled with boxes and they love them. even the big kids;-)

  12. I’ve learned I LOVE coming to your blog. You definately catch all the best bits of life, and you share them with us. If I ever come to your blog feeling down, I never leave this way.

    With my menopause microclimate I’ve got going on, I’d be ALL THREE of the various states of dress/undress of your kids haha!

    Spring is springing here too!

    LOVE the bracelets – Etsy will be fortunate to have you 🙂

    ♥ Barb

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