Big Beach Clean Up in N Ireland with Marks and Spencers

Join us for the big beach clean-up here in Northern Ireland on Friday 11 May 2012?

image from www.mcsuk.org

There are two venues here : Hazelbank (near Belfast) and Portstewart Strand (see my photo below)

There are several reasons to get involved :

  • clean up the beach for a couple of hours
  • provide Marine Conservation Society (MCS) with valable information
  • a great day out
  • (and I’ll be there, but don’t that put you off!)

At the Hazelbank event, Marks and Spencers will be providing a free BBQ for volunteers and there will be activities for the kids as part of School of Fish – check out the website – lots of fun and games as well as information for kids.

There is no age limit – upper or lower, although those under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult. Would be great to get some kids involved, although I appreciate that it’s a school day.

You can register HERE, and if you plan to come along, leave me a comment too 🙂

A few  bloggers have been chosen as “Blogger Ambassadors” to help promote the event to other mums.

I promise to share about the day here on my blog after the event.

So what do you think? Something you’d be interested in? Have you ever been involved in anything like this? Please share!

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