Quiet – five minute Friday

I’m joining in with Five Minute Friday (5 minutes of writing on a given topic …. writing from the heart without editing, then joining in with other bloggers by sharing it over at Lisa jo’s The Gypsy Mama blog)

This week the topic is QUIET


I love waking early (usually) and as I lie here blogging on my iPhone I can hear the sounds of a house slowly stirring to life.

The calm before the storm …. from 7 to 8/8.30 there will be noise, activity, making breakfast and packed lunches, finding homeworks, maybe some piano practice, feed the cat, hair driers blasting, radios turned up so it can be heard over the hair driers, last minute panicking, school run……….and ……… relax.

Then the calm will return………

it will be just me and the cat…

the house will breathe a sigh of relief

but it will be an empty quiet ….

I much prefer the quiet of a full house


Phew …. that got my brain churning! Thanks for reading my ramblings, for more 5 minute Friday posts visit HERE

6 thoughts on “Quiet – five minute Friday”

  1. Just you and the cat, huh? Well, I see you’re in Ireland and I would love to visit, should you need some company. LOL My mother lives with us and I homeschool our 3 children so there is seldom a time with no one here but I do love the steady hum of days and kids and life together even though an empty house is a treasure to me.

  2. Elizabeth holder

    Lol I love the quiet too- especially in thE mornings – except with three cats it’s not always that quiet

  3. what a beautiful phrase – the quiet of a full house… maybe not a quiet for the ears, but I’m at peace when all those who are most important to me are nearby!

    great post!

  4. StefanieYoungBrown

    Oh, I love your thought: “I much prefer the quiet of a full house.” That is exactly how I feel!! I love my family around, but I love the quiet moments which elude us. Beautiful written and said.

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