The reason for my blog name – Janmary (Welcome to my world)

When I started blogging in 2007, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into….and I needed a name.

I had been using the online name of JanMary in various online digital scrapbooking forums, and I was planning to use the blog primarily to share my digital layouts, I thought I would continue to use that as my name. Jan is the first part of my real name, and Mary is my middle name.

I used the tagline “Welcome to my world” as it is something I said say often to my husband when he wonders sometimes how I cope with juggling the kids, the house, the chaos and the fun …… and I always reply “welcome to my world”

When I signed up to blogspot my blog address was!!!

Unsurprisingly I bought and I now have my jewellery business Janmary Designs too.

Thought you might like to read my very first blog posts ever – you can find it here!

And the first photo I ever posted on my blog?

and here he is now (aged 7)

So, if you blog, what is the reason behind your name? If you don’t blog ……why not?!!!

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2 thoughts on “The reason for my blog name – Janmary (Welcome to my world)”

  1. Wow that was a long name, bet youre glad you changed it! I always say that to my husband when he has had his latest struggle with the boys and tells me all about it x

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