What I collect

I am rather fond of collecting (as my long-suffering husband will testify to) –

  • books – I seem to like collecting books, although I rarely read them again, as I remember too clearly what happens in them, so don’t enjoy reading them again! I am the same with watching films again – I don’t see the point!
  • recipe books – the one type of book which I do love looking at again and again.

  • old books – these include recipe books, favourite childhood story books, a few old psalters (the church I grew up in used a split leaf psalter to sing from)
  • over the years I have assembled a collection of teddy bears – none are very old, but some are significant because of who gave them to me or where I bought them
  •  clutter! I am not great at throwing things away, especially something which might have sentimental significance – so I still have lots of mothers day cards, hand print crafts from my kids, old letters etc.
  • talking of old letters, I seem to have inherited this collecting bug, as I have this old tin box of letters and cards saved by my grandfather. They make fascinating reading and a glimpse into their lives ….. I suppose future generations will read our blogs instead!
  • finally I have this excercise book from my great grandmother Maria Allen, dated 1882.  Isn’t her writing amazing?!
Over to you…..do you collect? Please share.
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7 thoughts on “What I collect”

  1. Thevagabondstudio

    Oh, those letters and the exercise book are priceless! I don’t have anything like that from my grandparents.

  2. Emma Hughes

    Gorgeous collections Jan!!!

    Thanks for keeping up with the challenge!

    Just a side note, me and a couple of girls are arranging a NI blogger meet up and I was wondering if you would be interested and if there were any other NI bloggers you knew who might also be interested?  I’ve only mentioned it on twitter but will post about it on my blog soon enough 🙂


  3. Julie Baugh

    Have just joined the 31 day blog challenge, so here goes.  I like your book photos, I don’t really collect anything as we don’t have room at our house, but I’ve enjoyed looking at other peoples’ collections in this event.

  4. Chelsea Grange

    Oh yeah! I have a collection of books too! I didn’t realize some of my things are a ‘collection’ until now. lol

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