Some firsts in our family

These last 2 days have seen a number of firsts in our household including

First day back at school for my daughters
last first day at primary school for my eldest
first day of new school bags, lunch boxes and new school shoes

Here are a few of the obligatory “First day” photos – to be digi-scrapped at a (much) later date.

I usually take my kids to school in the car, and occasionally, when the weather is being kind, we walk. I notice as I visit other blogs, how many mention school buses. Only rural schools here provide buses, and even then, the majority of kids are taken by car. I (usually) enjoy our conversations on the way to and from school.

Now my daughters are older, I only occasionally take them into the playground, but it was lovely to see how happy the kids (and parents!) were for school to be starting again. I waited until all the classes had lined up and a last wave before leaving.

For my son, yesterday saw his first day of swimming lessons. He was incredibly keen and enthusiastic, however I was not prepared for what he asked me in the changing rooms before the class. We had pulled on his swimming trunks, and then he asked a question

“Where is the other bit?”

“What bit”

“The other bit, for up here” he said, pointing to his upper chest.

Yes, my only son, with 2 big sisters, wanted a bikini top for “up here”.

I explained that he and Daddy did not have bikini tops to wear. He looked at me skeptically, but begrudgingly agreed to comply, and went in for his lesson.

I hadn’t seen that one coming!!

Today was another first for him – his first day at Nursery School. Here in Northern Ireland, 4 year olds attend a Nursery School for a few hours a day, for the year prior to starting Primary School. There was more great excitement, even though he was only going for an hour today, and parents are asked to stay for the first morning. He loved every moment of it, and the only tears were when he had to leave.

He will attend for a further hour this week, and gradually increase the time he stays over the next 3 weeks, until he finally stays for 2 and a half hours from next month. I have mixed emotions, and this is my youngest/last child to start. He is more than ready for it, and so am I, but it is also the end of an era.

So here he is outside the house.

You can see he is the shy, retiring type!

Some “action” photos in his class

Finally, did you really think I was going to post without sharing a digi-page?

He may be old enough for Nursey School, but he is still not too old for his favourite blanket, known as “Blankie Star”.

All credits – Katie Hadfield, available from The LilyPad
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  1. Great post Janmary! I love the funny comment from your son – lol!!! It’s so interesting to me to read about how school is done in different parts of the world :)! -Jess

  2. Oh my gosh, “where’s the other bit” had me smiling! How cute — and fantastic pictures, as well! 🙂

  3. Hard to believe that is the end of an era and the start of a new one. Glad he settled well. Loved the blankie stars.

  4. I love the Blankie Star too….my dd still loves her old blankie. Congrats to the little one and the older ones for being at school, they look so cute!

  5. I just found your blog from My Cup To Yours. I have some friends in N. Ireland and have been there a few times. I enjoyed your post today and I will be back. Love the photo of your little one and his blanket.

  6. LOL – rotfl… *coffee coming out my nose* Your son is so precocious! I giggled and giggled when I read this! Oh JM – how did you keep a straight face?

    Looks like he’s a budding artist!

    Lots of change in your household – sure you won’t get too lonely in the day?

    Your photography is amazing – you’ve really set a high standard! I look forward to visiting here as much as I would picking up my favorite magazine when it comes out!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely family.

    I hope all of their ‘first’ days of school are sweet and warm!

    ~ Barb

  7. What beautiful little girls your daugthers are in their uniformms…so grown up!
    Your son is so ADORABLE with his red hair!
    Loved the update!

  8. omgosh, your children are just adorable! And that red hair – I LOVE IT.

    And how cute is it that he wanted a bikini top?

    My kids ride the bus to and from school and I think they actually prefer that to me driving them. Well, my youngest anyway. She considers the bus trip to be integral to her social well being. I consider it a necessary evil.

  9. Such great pictures! They really capture the tone of the day.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  10. Great pictures! I love the talks my kids and I have on our way to and from school, too. You learn a lot from them in that short time! 🙂

  11. Aawwwww they all look so happy! I had a good chuckle at the trunks / bikini conversation too! My 4 year old just started reception class at school too, such a big milestone. He looks like he is having a whale of a time at nursery!! great layout too – those photos are so lovely!

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