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Busy, busy, busy!

It’s been busy, busy, busy here in the world of Janmary Designs. Busy in a good way, though, so I’m not complaining!

  •   I’ve been busy creating some new jewellery items for summer for janmary designs. With the warmer weather and lighter evenings I am definitely in the mood for some summer shades.

summer bright bracelet janmary designs

sea urchin stretch bracelet janmary designs

  • There was a bit of a rush of orders before Mothers Day and a few for Easter too. So busy that I forgot to photograph the items before I delivered them!
  •  Tomorrow I’m selling my jewellery at a coffee morning in Lisburn in aid of the Japanese Earthquake.
  • And, as I may have mentioned before, I’m building up stock to take to the shop in Ballycastle which will start to sell my jewellery from next weekend.

40 shades of green knitted bracelet janmary designs


moss green stretch bracelet janmary designs

green knotted necklace janmary designs

  • And, if you can cope with the excitement, then NEXT week, there will be a GIVEAWAY of one of my knitted cuff bracelets.

In other news, croup has returned to our house. Our 6 year old had a particularly distressing episode of croup last night – he finally calmed down but it was a LONG time sitting on the bathroom floor with him at 1am.

(no photo to share!)

Consequently, my husband had to take some time of work this morning with our son who had to stay home from school, as I had my follow-up appointment after my surgery.

(I could insert a photo of the scar on my neck here, but I’ll spare you!)

The surgeon was pleased with my progress, although I would still prefer to have MORE energy and LESS bone pain, but it is early days.

She said the chance of needing a parathyroidectomy is one in ten thousand in the first place, and the chance of me needing another one is now one in a hundred. As long as I can be one of the other 99 I’ll be happy!

So – are you busy? What’s happening in your world? Please share.

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  1. You have been busy. Hope your son is feeling better. Your jewelry is beautiful. I know you will sell all of it! We have been really busy here too. Fortunately, today was a day to relax! Carla

  2. you must be busy with all the sales you have – i can only imagine it will increase 10 times having items in the shop.
    Glad your feeling a bit better – although bummer to hear of the croup hitting your home.
    it’s busy here this weekend as i am throwing a baby shower on sunday –
    April is already all filled up – where does time go????

  3. I hope you get to feeling much better soon! I somehow missed the post you linked to so I read that. Goodness that must have been scary.

    Your jewelry is gorgeous. I love the multi colored bracelet. I’m not a bracelet wearer, but that might turn me into one! You have such a good eye with jewelry design. I’m glad you aren’t shy about sharing your gift!

    Is your little man feeling better? Croup is such a scary thing.

  4. Hi JM

    Still going to send you an email later on, but need to comment here.

    How I remember those nights of our own children’s nights of illness. How we wished we could take the pain and discomfort from them – you think it’s just like this with our Lord. Though in this flawed world we are to suffer afflictions we can know that HE is always here for us while we go through it, we wont suffer alone. I hope the lil feller is feeling better.

    I hope you are in the 99 % too – praying 4 u!

    Your jewels are beautiful and will be an elegant addition to any shop!

    Love, Barb

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