Lessons Learned…everything but the kitchen sink!

Another week has flown by, and here are a few lessons I learned along the way.

  • It is wonderful to wave good bye to my old appliances – the oven with the wonky door, the dishwasher with the wonky door (notice a theme here), the hob, the extractor fan…. Our local council collected them yesterday, and no…..I don’t miss then one bit.

I also learnt that the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” is actually true. Here are the items we left for collection, and the council collected everything EXCEPT the kitchen sink!

  • I love my new “runway” lights in my kitchen. They are fitted into the plinth under my units, and create a “cool” look according to my kids.

The daytime look (obviously not planning on having them on during the day, but wanted to show how they looked!)

The evening look

The nightime look

Do they remind you slightly of runway lights at an airport, or is that just me?! I love them anyway.

  • Changing over to my OWN DOMAIN name has been surprisingly easy, and yes, I should have done it ages ago. Be sure to update (or add me to!) your blog roll.

  • A new team of Compassion Bloggers are currently on a life changing trip in India. Life changing not just for them, but for the lives of the children who will be sponsored as a result of the awareness raised by the trip.

You can follow all the blogs HERE.

Our family sponsors a little girl in Uganda called Fiona as a result of the blogger trip there last year.

For more of What I Learned This Week visit Musings of a Housewife.

Finally I have 3 digital scrapbooking layouts to share.

This page is using a lovely mini kit from Dusty Bear called Spright and uses one of my favourite photos from the Easter Holidays.

The quote came from a blog comment left about the photo of my kids enjoying the rain. So a special thanks to Jen at Our Daily Big Top.

The other 2 are my weekly summaries of my daily photos, using LIFE 365 by Weeds and Wildflowers. There is a great incentive to keep these weekly summaries up to date, as every fortnight we get a chance to share our layouts, and in return Gina sends us an add-on the the Life 365 collection.

Tonight I am really looking forward to a visit to Eden Pottery in Milllisle, Co Down with some friends from church. It is one of those places you can decorate your own piece of pottery, so no surprise that I plan to “create” something for the new kitchen with perhaps some duck egg blue (or should that be SeaUrchin 4!)

So, have you learned anything this week? Do share.

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  1. I love the runway lights!! Really cool.

    I also love your 365 day layouts. I have that kit and I love how much fun you can have with it.

  2. The lights look great.

    Weird that the Council didn’t take the sink.

    And have agreat time at Eden Pottery, I love it down there:)

  3. Okay, I have to ask – what’s a hob?

    So glad you have your lovely new kitchen! And yes, those lights are pretty cool…

  4. Love the lights too! Have fun making something new to go in your new kitchen! Loved your layouts too!

  5. It’s so great when the city takes it all away!!!!
    Love your lights and your scrapbook pages!!!

  6. Ditto on the lights – how genius! And that quote about the rain is a keeper. What gorgeous pages you’ve created! Have a great day!

  7. The layout looks fantastic. The lights in the kitchen are a great addition – it gives your kitchen that something something. Thanks for the mention!

  8. The new kitchen is great – just no landing aircraft on the new floor! You asked what we’ve been doing – we’ve been fighting off a hacker break-in on all 3 of our sites. We are dehacked after the help of a security expert and a few hundred USD. So I’m thankful that I have the time to comment!

    Stan at scrappers Workshop

  9. And I just learned that I want a new kitchen. and a sink too (well I want that first I hate my seek)

  10. haha, these lights should definately help you ‘sweep up’ any food that drops on your new runway LOL! Actually its fabulous! what a clever idea – something I’ve not seen before.

    I’m looking forward to visiting the compassion sites, hopefully in the next few days.

    Ohlala- can’t wait to see the pottery and what you create. NEVER a dull moment at your blog, my friend!

  11. wonderful pages you made! And I love your kitchens pics of the remodeling! It turned out so fantastic!!!

  12. I LOVE THOSE LIGHTS! I’ve never seen them before but I wish I had them in my kitchen!

    What have I learned this week? Hmmmm … that sometimes, being privy to EVERYTHING that your teenager is chatting about can be not only enlightening, but incredibly depressing as well.

  13. I love those lights…whether they be runway lights or not…they are wonderful! LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts too! And it’s to funny-everything but the kitchen sink! LOL!

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