Welcome to my (unfinished) kitchen!

This afternoon we invited some friends round for coffee and a chat. They were keen to see the kitchen too, even in it’s unfinished state.

When I last blogged we had finally decided on the paint. On friday my father and husband painted the walls and woodwork (where possible).

Here it is on Friday, during the painting process.

Here it is on Saturday morning. Those are the new curtains lying on the sofa to the left.

If you remember, I shared how the Dulux site suggested it would look when painted in those colours, and don’t you think it looks pretty close?

I have a few photos to share with you today. The first are of the youngest of this afternoon’s visitors, checking out the new stools.

Next is something I bought for the new kitchen before we had the new kitchen (if you know what I mean!).

It is one of those items my husband looks at questioningly and asks

“Why?…….. What does it do?…….. What purpose does it serve?”

Of course it doesn’t DO anything, but I like it! What do you think?

I bought the letters in Next. I also liked these (but maybe too shiny) and these (cute and in pink).

Maybe I could make some of my own saying “Clear up After Yourself” or “Wipe the Table”!

FINALLY – I have MOVED! No – not home, but to my OWN domain name for my blog!!! ….and it worked! So now if you want to find me, you only need www.janmary.com

I am staying with blogger as my host, to make life simple, but love having my own address.

You should still find me with the old blog address of www.welcometomyworldjanmary.blogspot.com but the new address of
is much more memorable, don’t you think?

So if I am on your blogroll, I would love it if you could update my web address. If I am not on your blogroll, why not add me (!) and let me know.

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  1. okay, I am totally loving your colour choice and the letters are super awesome! if I had a bigger kitchen I would go for them myself – no matter what hubby would say lOL

  2. Love the letters and my husband looks at the things I buy just like that too:)

    Congratulations on your own domain and I’ve updated the ol’ reader too.

  3. Kitchen looks good. I have all the Next letters and the Bake comes in chrome too, or at least it did in January when I got mine so you should ask next time you are in.

  4. love the letters, too!! And I remember such questions of my husband LOL – men are everywhere the same…

    Congrats to your own domain – I´ll change my blogroll.

    Have a good start in the new week

  5. Good solid blue and the final job looks better than the one on the Dulux site. Some things do not a reason for buying, they just brighten your day when you look at them. That alone is a good reason for buying.

  6. Congratulations on your very own URL! And your home renovations are very inspiring. I might have to make a “honey do” list for FirstHusband to tackle the week he’s home taking care of me. I’d RATHER go to the beach . . .

    If I were to buy a “word” for my kitchen it very well might be “coffee.”

  7. Congrats on your own domain name! You still came up in my Google Reader, so I think I’m ok?

    I am a letter fiend … I would have them all over my house but my husband says he doesn’t feel like living in a dictionary. Sigh.

    Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen!

  8. I am FINALLY finished my BIG project! Woo Hoo, so can come and visit you more often. | can’t tell you feels like a house was raised off my head LOL!

    YOUR HOUSE looks simply elegant and lovely. The blue is so soothing and pretty. I’m very much looking forward to seeing it all in place. Sure your HOME won’t end up gracing the covers of a glossy mag one day soon too? LOL!

    I’ve my eye on a wire lettering that says “Memories” in the local hardware – could put my family photos underneath. Love the COOK… its a word, hay? It can conjure up all sorts of things besides food. To me it says DO! haha I would just get in that new kitchen of yours and whip up a storm!

    Your little guest is cute and impish! Are all little Irish boys so cute and precocious as your son and this little feller?

    SO glad I can come avistin you again, I’ve missed it!

    ☺ Barb

    Oh and CONGRATS on your own domain!

  9. I love the work so far! I love those letters too! Even if they don’t do anything! 🙂
    And how neat to have your own domain! I’m going to fix it!

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