WFMW – an easy kids treasure hunt

The best thing about this WFMW (Works for me Wednesday) is that the whole idea was my eldest daughter’s and she did all the work involved!

1. Find a willing older sibling who wants to create a treasure hunt for the rest of the family.

2. Set her to work writing the clues

She wrote 12 in total – here is a sample

Clue number 7 is where you might see
A misty view of the blue sea.

(the clue was on the window sill of my daughters bedroom here at the cottage where you can just about get a glimpse of the sea if you stand on your tiptoes and angle your head correctly!)

3. Provide something to hide the clues in and some little treats (in our case hollow plastic eggs and little chicks)

4. Provide a final prize (in our case some Cadbury’s mini eggs)

5. Let them get on with it, sit back and relax, ready to take photos of the happy kids!

6. Try to persuade your son to share his prize – not so easy! See those chipmunk cheeks filled with mini eggs?!!

It worked for me this week!

They had such fun that I hope I can persuade them to do it again at other times of the year – summer, hallowe’en, Christmas, valentines…….

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Tomorrow I am planning a list post. What would you like it to be about?

What would you like my list post to be about 10 top places to visit on north coast of Northern Ireland 10 top kids activities on north coast of Northern Ireland my 10 top photos my 10 top digital scrapbook layouts Something else! (leave a comment)

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20 thoughts on “WFMW – an easy kids treasure hunt”

  1. Those pictures are so neat! And I love that idea. I think my oldest would be up for doing a scavenger hunt for his sisters. Thanks for the idea!

  2. LOVE that the kids can do it themselves – that is one of the great things about older kids 🙂 Your oldest did a wonderful job! I’m going to show this post to my oldest because I think she’d love doing something similar. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing! We’re doing an egg hunt for my 2 kiddies on Sunday – your dd looks like she did a great job! My 2 are a bit young for clues just yet – they’re only 1 & 3 lol. very topical post for me, I enjoyed reading 😀

  4. What a great idea, I am definitely going to do this! I love making my eldest do the work hehe!

  5. Martencja Designs

    what a fantastic idea!! And I love your photos. They are so beautiful and show the activity of the children. I love it soooo much


  6. How fun!! And the picture of the 2 of them holding hands is just precious!! I love your prize too – Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite treat! 🙂

  7. What a great idea of your daughters! This must have been so much fun for the kids, both preparing and realizing it. 🙂

  8. How FUN!!

    I would love to see your top ten books by IRISH AUTHORS (ones that YOU like)

    I know, I just have to be different.

    Wishing you a BLESSED Easter, my friend.

    ♥ Me

  9. CJ, the Purple Diva

    How awesome you got the kids to do this. Looks like a lot of fun…and by the way, I voted!

  10. Hello there – cooking with easter eggs please. Yes, it’s out there but I’ve seen the voting on your poll so this will never see the light of day! Happy Easter

  11. This is so great….it was a treat for me to view your photo share. What glorious smiles.

    I’m here to send my wishes to you, that you have a wonderful, peaceful Easter holiday.

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