Fathers Day 2011

In honour of Fathers Day, I want to share a little bit about two special fathers in my life.

Firstly my Dad………a man of faith, compassion, loyalty and love. He is generous to a fault, caring and the best gardener I know. He gives generously of his time and talents in helping others. He frequently comes to rescue our garden, and supplies us with a steady stream of plants. He can still do head over heels in the garden with the kids, despite being well into his seventies.

Here is a digitally scrapped Fathers Day card I made for him a few years ago.

The other important father in my life is my husband, dad to our 3 great kids. He shares many of the attributes I admire in my dad – loyal, caring, man of faith and principles. He is patient and tolerant of my clutter, and makes a great cup of tea! They do say you tend to marry a man who is similar to your father, and I would definitely say that is true in my case.

And here is a card I previously made for my husband.

To celebrate Fathers Day our eldest daughter made a slide show for my husband (I will try to add it to this post later), he got some Hollister Aftershave (but he was told as he was given it “don’t think this is going to make you cool!”), and a mug of hot coffee in bed. The fathers day card was very humorous “Dad – you’re grumpy but great”…..and inside it said “Happy Birthday “ – ooops- we changed it to “Happy Fathers Day”!

We are heading out to lunch later in Ballycastle, and are meeting up with my Mum and Dad later in the afternoon.

What are your plans for Fathers Day? My heart goes out to those who’s father is no longer here, I can’t imagine how sad a day like this could be.

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  1. Please tell hubby we are sending him Fathers day wishes from across the ocean – it’s another unbearably hot day here – maybe we will hit a movie tonite – but B is at home depot buying wood for his next house project – his idea of a perfect day

  2. I hope you had a lovely meal and a great fathers day. Ours was a quiet one with dad being tortured, climbing on, spilled on, slept on and fallen over. I’d have a lot more bruises and pins & needles if it weren’t for having such a great dad around the house:)

  3. So glad you had a good Father’s day – I am always inspired by the love and close-knittedness of your family, JM. It is a jewel in this broken world. A treasure beyond measure. And you DO treasure it. Thanks for sharing it with us too – always an inspiration to me.

    Love ya,

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