Sunday recap and over to you!

Here are my daily photos for the last few days.

And here is my digital scrapbooking weekly summary.
Last night was the Eurovision Song Contest.

I have memories of staying up later to watch this as a child. In fact one year my brothers tried to tape the songs using a cassette recorder which was set infront of the TV, and we weren’t allowed to speak! Looking back – I wonder why?!!

This year my daughters were keen to watch, and they also enjoyed the commentator who was not taking it too seriously – really the best way to watch it.

My daughters got out a map of Europe, and we all struggled a bit to locate some of the smaller former Soviet Union countries, and none of us could understand how Israel is apparently in Europe!

This year the UK managed to do reasonably well – we came 5th, with a song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and performed by Jade Ewen who was selected by a reality-type TV show.

For something we all say we don’t take seriously, we still don’t like to do badly! Norway won, in case you are interested!

My finally for today is Over To You (which means I need some blogging inspiration!). I would love you to ask me a question in the comments……something you would like to know, and I will do my best to answer.

If there are no questions, I will guess than means either I am not very interesting, or I have told you all already everything there is to know! Of course if you usually don’t comment, this could be THE time you finally do……or not……time will tell!

OK – no more exclamation marks, I promise, at least not in this post.

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  1. I really do love how you are doing your 365 album. I’m hoping to have myself organized enough by the end of the year to start my own for 2010!

  2. WOW you’ve had a busy week. I came over from DST blog train!!!

    Oh I tried to see the Jade video, but said I was out of the area, lmao you think….??? I’m in the USA in Detroit…

    How long have you been digi scrapin?

    Happy Scrapin’ Kat

  3. I’d like to know more about how to get started with digital scrapping. I lost my mojo with paper scrapping but want to continue to document our stories and the computer seems to be the best way for me especially since I’m all into blogging.

  4. Those are some super cute pics! And your page is adorable too!!

    And a question? hmmm

    How long have you been at DST? What is your favorite thing there? What is the one thing you wished you could do scrapping?

  5. I’m also from DST . . . cute 365 layout! Here’s a question for you. Do you enjoy creating layouts for challenges? Why or why not.

  6. Gorgeous photos. What got you into photography, your photos go beyond the everyday snaps and I’d like to know what sparked your interest:)

  7. Ooooh questions?

    Are you ever going to visit the states? (I’m in upstate NY by the way, in case you ever do visit and you’re in my neck of the woods.)

    Were you born and raised in Ireland? Was your husband?

    If you could visit anywhere, where would it be?

  8. wonderful weekpage!! and the picture of your girls is fantastic!!

    Is this your husband – with your son?

    Have you create new bracelets? Love them so much!!

  9. LOVE that digital scrapbook!!

    Ok. Lets see. Care to share your testimony?? Or how about the story of how you and hubby met? How about your favorite childhood memeory involving an injury. Tell me about a celebrity or hero that you met! How about you tell a story with only pictures!

    God bless-

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