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Hyderange bouquet – lesson learned and shared with you!

Instead of my usual lessons I share, today I am sharing in detail just the ONE lesson.

Last week while at the RUAS Balmoral Show in Belfast, we were able to watch a floral demonstration by the staff of Cafre.

Of the items they demonstrated the one which appealed to me most, was the bouquet made using a single hydrangea head (is that the correct term?) as the basis for a bouquet. As my opportunities to carry a bouquet are somewhat limited (!) this would also be a beautiful way to make an arrange for the house too.

Step 1

Select a large head of hydrangea, and insert other flowers through the gaps in the blooms. They mostly used anemones. This is a great way to use “floppy” flowers, as the hydrangea head provides support.
Step 2

Trim all the stalks, then tap to settle the flowers to provide a flat base.

Step 3

Using soft florist tape, bind the stems together.

Step 4 (the really clever bit)

Wrap more tape around, with the sticky side out.

Step 5

Cover the sticky tape with ribbon (it sticks – isn’t that clever) and secure (carefully!) with pins.

Step 6

Voila! Enjoy 🙂

I don’t do much flower arranging anymore, apart from putting fresh flowers in a glass vase when hubby buys me some! My Mum has always been interested in floral art, and as a child I remember playing with the off-cuts while she taught some of the students at the local college.

As a teenager, I entered the junior and novice classes for several years at the local flower show , and won top prize a few times. The main reason I won was because all the other contestants did it at their school with the same teacher, while I was taught by my Mum, so mine were always a little different from all the rest!

Do you do much with cut flowers apart from remembering to put them in water?

For more lessons learned, visit Musings of a Housewife.

I am continuing with my Over To You feature, and asking for more questions which I will do my best to answer in my next blog posts.

So ask away……what would you like to know….about me, my life here in Northern Ireland, my faith, my photography, digi-scrapping, jewellery……….

Talking of jewellery, as well as my Etsy store, I have started a new blog janmary designs to share the items I make which are being sold outside of Etsy – please take a peak – which appeals to you?

Until next time, take care.

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  1. I have always admired people who arrange flowers. No, really! It is an art and I do not have an eye for mixing colors. That bouquet is beautiful and it sounds really simple to do.

  2. I’m useless when it comes to flowers. I love to look at them, but sometimes I’m not even that good at remembering the water:)

  3. Great idea! The flower bouquet is beautiful. I don’t know much about arranging them; my experience tends to be stick them in a vase. I wish I could do stuff like that.

  4. The flowers are so beautiful. I love hydrangeas and am waiting on mine to bloom. Putting them into an arrangement is another story.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the bouquet lesson with us. I will remember that one for the future! It’s pretty and simple – the best kind! The last picture of the bouquet you took is so beautiful! I’ve always loved flowers and hydrangeas are my favorite! I don’t have many opportunities to do much flower arranging, but I did arrange my wedding bouquet. 🙂

  6. That is absolutely beautiful! We have a few hydrangea bushes in our yard and I cannot wait to try that myself!
    I do pick flowers from our yard and try to make arrangements when I can. Flowers make me smile.

  7. That is a pretty spiffy trick for a flower arrangement! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  8. OK, so what is the weather like most of the time? DO you have 4 seasons? How old were you when you accepted Jesus? Is everyone in your family saved? (assuming that you are… you are right? Thought I read that somewhere!)

    God bless-

  9. That’s a great idea! And we have hydrangeas in our yard!

    Although I should probably avoid touching flowers. I have the blackest thumbs you will ever see. I can keep my children alive but don’t ask me to water a plant.

  10. I had been ADMIRING this bouquet and wondering how it was made – how utterly brilliant! I wish hydrengea ( I know the spelling is wrong! ) were blooming now – I’d make one right today. Are they blooming there – or are these from a shop?

    Our blossoms are over now and we have had a few cool days and VERY windy nights. I’m longing for more warm weather.

    Wishing you a good rest of the week!

    ♥ Barb

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