On the 3rd Day of December …. advent calendars

So I realised last night, when visiting Jen’s blog (we met in real life in September) that because I have not yet got our Christmas decorations down from the attic yet (waiting impatiently patiently) that we will be late with our Advent Calenders.

Last night however, I remembered I had purchased a calendar at a coffee morning a while back, from Phoenix Cards, so today, only THREE days late, we got caught up.  I love that it is more about the real story of Christmas.

Each day there is a new part to add – so far we have had the star, an angel and a cow.

I will try to remember to share a photo of it when the nativity scene is complete.

My son also made this one at Cabin Boys last night (a junior section of the Boys Brigade) and he is loving playing with glue and cotton wool as he daily adds to Santa’s beard.

So do you have any Advent Calendars – either of the chocolate kind, perpetual kind or any other type?

From previous Christmas posts here are some of our previous count-downs……

I did not realize I had only photographed the Santa ones!

Finally – the one that got away!

You know when you see something and you can’t decide whether to buy it or not, then you don’t, then you can’t get it out of your head, and then they are sold out? Know what I mean?

I saw this in Dekko (love that shop) and even took a photo with my iphone, of this adorable wooden advent.

Not remotely practical, but very fun! Of course now I wish I had bought it!

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  1. hi janmary!! the advent calendar is not very common in my country.. or maybe just to me (lets not generalize). i didn’t grow up with that…so only do i get familiar with this calendar. you have a very nice collection there!! and that one you didn’t buy at dekko is pretty neat too!!! too bad you didn’t get to buy it.
    thanks for sharing, janmary!!

  2. Cute advent calendar. I really wish I had started this tradition with the kids. Your little man looks bigger in each picture.

  3. We have never had an advent calendar before. Miss Pink brought home that same Santa with the cotton ball beard from church and we are doing it. Well, at least it’s a start. 😉

  4. Ohhh – the one that got away is GORGEOUS – I’m sure you will find one … just in time for NEXT year.

    This is a very short comment – I’m still not 100%, just woke from a nap, not the fluffy nice sort but one where you sleep like a zombie, wake with 1/2 your face crumbled into the wrinkle pattern from your pillow and you feel like you’re only 1/2 alive. Could it be a bug?

    Thx for your lovely photos.

    Love, Barb

    PS – if it IS a bug so glad you can’t get it thru the net 😉

  5. oooooooooooooooh, I love that Dekko one! Totally my style.

    Jessica Sprague had one on her blog – I think it was a couple of years ago, maybe? Little circular paper mache boxes that she painted and decorated and then hung on the wall. I fell in love with that idea and every year I say I’m going to do it and every year I never have time.

  6. You’re right you should have bought it. That doesn’t help does it:) Still you’ve just reminded me that I have a choccy one stashed behind the sofa.

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