Belfast Continental Christmas Market

For the first time since getting my early christmas present of my Canon EOS 400D (aka Rebel XTi) I took some picture outside!

It was wet and soon dark, but here are a few of my photos. If you are not from Northern Ireland I hope you will pause and take a look at what I hope is a more positive view of Belfast than you may be used to or expecting. Thanks.

I really enjoyed it, despite the rain. The smells were wonderful – from mulled wine and hot chocolate to paella, roast hog (!), dutch pancakes, french nougat and garlic mushrooms. It is a pity we can’t share by “smellyblog” !

On to tonights part of the Christmas survey, again, if possible, please share some of your answers. Thanks (again!)

What are you asking for for Christmas?

As you may have just read above, I am getting (but have got early) a Canon DSLR. I love it already, and hope to share lots more photos with you here. The kids are also getting a Wii, so I am looking forward to playing with that too!!

What do you usually do on Christmas Eve?
Weather dependent, we usually go for a walk with our kids around our neighbourhood after tea, looking at the christmas lights and decorations. The kids then get in their new pyjamas, and we light the advent candles and may even sing a carol. We let the kids choose one small present from under the tree to open. We leave a mince pie and glass of port for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolf beside the fireplace, and then the kids go to bed. My husband usually goes to church for a short communion service at 9pm, and I usually have a few things left to do!

So please come back tomorrow, for more christmas photos, and I will continue to answer the Christmas Survey.

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  1. The photos look wonderful, thank you so much for sharing! Congrats on your new camera! 🙂 I’m hoping to get a new one soon too. Have a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

    They turned out fantastic!!!

    Where the night ones taken with the flash on or off?

    man, those turned out good!!!

  3. First of all, your “smellyblog” made me laugh 🙂 Your slideshow of Belfast is absolutely gorgeous! Great photos!! And I like the way you are doing a few questions a day. It sounds like you have a very nice Christmas Eve planned.

  4. your photos turned out great! Awesome job on the night shots…you captured it beautifully. I too just got a canon and love seeing another newbie. thanks for sharing and happy holidays.

  5. Great photos!! I wish I were there to smell all those smells!! I wish I had a Cannon Rebel XTI. That is one thing I want for Christmas. The other is a minivan. But I got that on Monday. On Christmas Eve we go down town Salt Lake City to see all the lights. It’s a tradition. I love it. The lights are so beautiful.

  6. Thanks for sharing these pictures. It really brings me in a Christmas mood…and that is what I needed ’cause my chrismas tree will be up this afternoon and it will take hours to put all lights in it. Your camera is really a great present…hope to see lots of pictures of it.!

    Have a nice day,

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