On the 8th day of December….a Santa Letter

Last night I mentioned we wrote the letters to Santa.

I used a digital kit Jolly Holly to create some personalized notepaper for each child to write their letter on. I find that Santa is always very keen to have these letters written sooner rather than later, to avoid any last minute changes of mind. Santa and his helpers have more than enough to do, without additional items to be sought out at the last minute.

I created a layout of the event.

After the letters were written, we lit the Christmas Nativity Advent candle on the Christmas Pyramid in our hall, and sang Away in a Manger.

The letters were set on the hearth, and we then watched Miracle on 34th Street (the recent version), and it all seemed very festive.

I was not planning to post about Christmas food just yet, but as my husband has started to tuck into the Christmas cake, I had better blog about it, while there is still some left!

I would love to be able to tell you I make our cake with love and care, from my great granny’s recipe, handed down through the generations. However, the reality is that it comes from Marks and Spencers and is

“a rich butter fruit cake made with plump juicy vine fruits and glace cherries topped with marzipan and soft icing”

How could I compete with that! Thanks Mum for buying this cake, and the Christmas pudding too.

As my husband is the only one in our house who eats it, he decided to start early…..before I got to take a picture of it intact.

But I suppose it gives you a chance to look inside!

Do you have Christmas cake? Do you make your own? Do you, like my husband, start to tuck in well before Christmas?

Today we continued our birthday celebrations for our middle daughter, who turned 9 at 2.02pm today.

Nine years ago she looked like this

Come back tomorrow please for more Christmas blogging from my world.

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12 thoughts on “On the 8th day of December….a Santa Letter”

  1. What gorgeous pics and a sweet LO 🙂
    We don’t have Christmas cake in our house. My mum buys one LOL She used to make it years ago, but its much more time and cost efficient to buy one from the local charity organisation.

  2. LOL At the Marks and Spencer’s cake!! I remember making Christmas cakes every year as a child, we don’t have at home anymore (no-one here actually eats the stuff!) so they always remind me of magical childhood Christmastime 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing about your Christmas. My mum makes Christmas cakes every year and we got ours on the weekend. Am going to keep it till after Christmas … eating the Christmas cake over the course of the long summer holidays is a bit of a ritual for us.

  4. LemonaideLinda

    Happy Birthday to your 9 year old dd!
    Hope it was a great one!

    Enjoyed reading your blog on today’s Blog Train.

  5. Happy birthday to your dd, and that cake looks lovely! Mmmmm……

    And no, I don’t have a Santa from Ireland, although I’ve been there twice. I was never able to find one. Could I beg you to send me one? I’d be happy to pay for all of the costs, and I don’t care if it doesn’t get here until July, Jan Mary! I’d love to have a Santa from Ireland 😀

  6. That cake is just beautiful!! I used to look so forward to all the “treats” on Christmas but I just can’t do them this year, trying to get rid of weight and doing REALLY good at avoiding these things, LOL.

    I love your tradition with the letters to santa and that lighting of the advent and the movie and everything! Great ideas and fabulous photos you got of it all!!

  7. I like genoa cake, but I still get it from Marksies. I’ve never been able to find a recipe for Christmas cake that didn’t scare the pants of me (and the bank manager).

    I love the photographs. We’re trying to get a few traditions off the ground this year.

  8. Mmm yummy, that cake looks good! It reminds me also that I want to hit the English food store and buy my mince tarts and fruit cake. Hope you are having a great day!!

  9. Your creativity never ceases to AMAZE me!! I love the stationary and of course, the layout. BEAUTIFUL!

    But the fruit cake…now that just looks… heavy. Wow. I have never liked fruit cake. Mostly cause those two words really shouldn’t go together… wait a sec. I was living in my dream world again. Great looking cake! Hope you all enjoyed it!

    Many blessings sweet child of God!

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