Photography Course – The Details

There is a particular street in Lisburn with lots of old premises, many in need of some renovation, but with great photo potential.

I spent an hour wandering up and down, photographing peeling paint, cobwebs and locks. I got a few strange looks, and one lady did come out to ask me what I was doing, I’m sure they think I’m crazy!

I find it is much easier to take photos in other places other than your home town!

I could see shoppers keep looking round, trying to work out what I was taking photos of!

As you can see, there are quite a few contrasts in the area!

The course lasts for another month, and will end in an exhibition as part of a community festival. So look out for more images coming soon.

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  1. Oh, you’re getting good! P.S. Loved the stop motion technique in the video. I need to take a photography course, I guess!

  2. Hi, just popped over from CJ’s class to say hello on here. Love the shot of the peeling paint but my favourite is the window with the old curtain. I get nervous taking shots around town, I’m not too bad when its building’s etc but when CJ makes us shoot strangers (iykwim) I HATE it.

  3. VERY cool photos JM! You may just inspire me to take my camera and wander down to the water here today. Ok, you convinced me. So now you ripped yourself of a nice long comment because I am outta here! And if my house is not ready to recieve my MIL I’m sending her here too. Haha.

    My fave photo? The window with curtain hanging out!

    ♥ Barb

  4. Love your perspective, JanMary! I’ve actually taken photos of peeling paint and I find it … ummm … well, it sounds kind of weird, but sometimes I find it beautiful. Kwim?

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