Community Photography Course – Old and New

I recently signed up for a local community photography course in Lisburn, you can see some of my first images here, and thought I’d share some more today.

One of our challenges was to capture some “Old and New” images in Lisburn.

I started in our church, Seymour Street Methodist, with how we now serve tea and coffee, and how it was once served (but obviously also with a saucer!)

And I liked the reflection of the old stained glass window in the modern screen used to project images.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, across the road at Wallace Park, lots has been renovated so lots of shiney new swings and slides, but not so much rust and character!  I resorted to old and new trees, old bark and new shoots of growth.

Later in the day, I persuaded some family members to pose their hands.

Which image do you like best? (if any!)

Have you taken many photos in your own home town? It is amazing the details you start to notice when on the lookout for photo opportunities.

I’ll share some more of my course photos soon.

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  1. I love your photos. I was out photographing today and the things you notice that you hadn’t before is amazing.

  2. I love the last one, with the hands!

    I’m hoping to get out this summer and take some local shots to practice with my Nikon D90.

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