So, what have I learned this week?

Regular bloggy friends, tell me ……… do you, like me, look forward to these lessons learned?

If I did not have this regular prompt to keep my blogging on track I may have disappeared over the edge into the bloggy abyss to join the other abandoned blogs out there. So thanks Jo-Lynne, without you I may not even be here.

So without further ado (what is ado?) here we go:

Lesson 1

I love Autumn – we have had some beautiful crisp mornings. Following some strong winds over the weekend, there are now lots of leaves to crunch through on the paths.

Lesson 2

I do not like the dark mornings that come with Autumn. It is now 7.15 am or later when it starts to get light – makes it so much harder to get up when it is dark outside.

Lesson 3

Who’s the Mummy?! I have made it into the TOP 100 UK Mum Bloggers – I may only be at number 68, but it is a start!

Lesson 4

I have had another digital layout accepted to be published in a UK scrapbooking magazine – a REAL one, that you can buy in REAL shops! (This distinction is vital in my kids eyes – being published on-line is not enough for them)

Lesson 5

Having a 5 year old boy’s 5th birthday party NOT AT HOME was a wonderful idea. Everyone had a wonderful time, then we returned to a calm and quiet house to enjoy a chinese takeaway without having to clear away the party “fall-out”.

Lesson 6

Can’t wait for my Pampered Chef goodies to arrive – then I promise a FULL report, with pictures, on the Pampered Chef party, and which products I chose.

Lesson 7

While composing this post I initially left Lesson 7 blank. I was hoping something else was going inspire me while I cooked chile con carne for our tea (or maybe you call it dinner, or supper? – let me know what you call the main meal you eat around 6pm-ish) – but nothing has.

I suppose I HAVE learned that I don’t know what my bloggy readers call their evening meal – so enlighten me please (and thankyou – for they are the magic words).

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For more lessons learned by bloggers this week, visit Jo-Lynne

Over to you…..

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  1. here in ohio, we call it dinner :). enjoyed all your lessons learned–some good ones! congrats on your publication…i too remember what it felt that first time to leaf through a magazine and see my work!!!

  2. Congratulations on being a top mum blogger AND on getting another page published! You have much to be proud of this week! 🙂

    We call it dinner here in Michigan (and also when we were in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, or Pennsylvania).

  3. oh janmary!! i always enjoy reading your blog!
    1. we hate the same thing about autumn..days get shorter and the kids leave the house in the morning while its still dark. and i picked them up in the afternoon and its already a bit dark.
    2. congratulations on being top 100 mommy blogger!!! your blog is really gread!!
    3. it is my dream to be published also in an actual magazine…i just don’t know how to go about it.
    4. i call the last meal of the day dinner… i’m not sure if how they call it in french.

    i am sad i couldn’t enter your ‘my giveaway’! but i will check their site for greeting card printing.


  4. I commented and it got lost….but I want to say I LOVE the short fall days!! Dark mornings are somethign I actually enjoy!!!

  5. Fall is my favorite time of year also for so many reasons.(ooo instant blog idea) I also love the What I’ve learned carnival,it helps keep me on track. And here in Arkansas they call it dinner but I am a true southren cajun and we call it supper down home in Louisiana.

  6. Gorgeous photos and congrats on being published in a ‘real’ magazine 😉

    Oh, and here (we live in Seattle) we call it dinner. 🙂

  7. Interesting 7 lessons, i have not thought about something like this. A real publication – that is an achievement. Congrats. I love dark mornings cos over here its so sunny and hot all day. Dawn and dusk are my favourite times – cool with a little breeze in shorts and Tees – close as can get to heaven

  8. A real mag! Congratulations! There is still something about that is so cool.

    Keep blogging! We love your pictures.

  9. Congratulations on your publication!

    Did you order a stone from Pampered Chef? That’s one item I’m considering – just wondering if it’s all it’s hyped up to be.

  10. We call it dinner. When I was growing up, dinner was the noon meal. It was called that because Farmers usually had a big meal at lunch and a small one in the evening. Mother tended to cook a big meal then, too. Daddy worked the evening shift when he wasn’t driving a truck so we’d have dinner, he’d go to work and we would have leftovers or a light meal in the evening.

    In my own home, lunch is simple and dinner tends to be bigger. Honey Bear had a day job most of the time and was home for the evening meal. Probably, health wise, the big meal at noon would be better.

    We have a small rectangular stone in the toaster oven. We cook biscuits on it. Can’t wait to see what you got from Pampered Chef and what was prepared by the demonstrator.
    Mama Bear

  11. We call it SUPPER or DINNER.

    I learned a LOT this week too, so much so that I never had time to come and see what YOU learned. 🙁

    Gosh, the leaves are dripping from branches, falling to the ground and I’ve hardly seen them do this… before I know it the snow will be here. Sigh sigh.

    I miss being able not just to VISIT you but being able to LINGER. One day, one day…

    Hugs from Canada

    its our thanksgiving so the whole turkey deal travely etc.

  12. Oh another publication, congratulations:)

    There aren’t many things that can beat that warm feeling I get inside from looking down and seeing 20 hyper kids, birthday cake smeared all over the table and milkshake spilled all over the carpet and then remembering that it ain’t my table or carpet and that they aren’t all my kids and more importantly, they’re not running around my home;)

  13. I can’t get used to the dark mornings either! We call our evening (6 or 6:30pm) meal “dinner”.

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