Day 9 – A visit to Santa

Thanks first for all the best wishes for Jane, who turned 8 yesterday. The party went well, lots of giggling and sweets and even some craft, and I was so tired I fell asleep on the sofa after we had cleared up.

After church and lunch today, we headed off to visit Santa, with our Santa letters (or Santa painting if you are 3). We went to a lovely garden centre, with such a big christmas shop, it is certainly the biggest we have ever been to in Ireland. There were lots of lovely animated displays which kept the kids amused for a while, and we were served hot chocolate just before we went in to see the Big Man himself. Sam was initally reluctant to approach, but soon changed his mind when he was given his present. So it was a lovely family afternoon, and all the proceeds went to the very worthy cause of the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

Christmas survey continues…..

Who do you buy Christmas presents for?

First off, we obviously buy for our kids! We buy for my parents, father in law, all the nieces and nephews, and usually something small for my brothers and their wives. We also get for teachers, sunday school teachers, etc. Most of the neices and nephews have asked for gift vouchers this year. For the majority of gifts we are trying to purchase FairTrade products which guarantee a better deal (pay and conditions) for Third Wold producers. So as an example teachers are getting Fairtrade ground coffee along with some bars of FairTrade chocolate.

See you back tomorrow – off to write some Christmas cards.

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  1. Enjoyed all your photos and layouts and hearing about how you celebrate. Thanks for sharing.

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