Day 8 – A Teddy Christmas Tree and a Birthday Girl

Today is Jane’s 8th birthday, and here are a few photos from 7am this morning.

Did you spot the new slippers?!

Her main present was a new bike, but the weather has been so wet and stormy today we have not had the opportunity to try it out, or get photos.

Can’t believe Jane is now 8!

So on to today’s Christmas photo. I took this in Belfast the other day, and loved it – a christmas tree made from teddies. It was in the window of a trendy clothes shop and I am sure they wondered why I was taking a photo – oh well!

And finally for today, the Christmas survey continues…..

Do you use white or colored Christmas lights?

White, white and white – on all trees, inside and out. As a child of the seventies, we grew up with coloured, but I LOVE white lights. I even had little white lights in the garden at my 40th birthday party in August! My kids would LOVE coloured lights – so I tell them they can have them on their own tree, when they leave home!

Do you bake Christmas cookies?

I haven’t yet, but would love to try as it would be a lovely “family” activity to do once school stops. So if you have a great simple recipe, please let me know.

Take care and come back tomorrow, to see if I can manage to keep blogging daily until Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Day 8 – A Teddy Christmas Tree and a Birthday Girl”

  1. Oh happy birthday to your daughter!! That teddy bear tree is really cool. I am defintely a white light person. I love they way they look on the trees and garland. I love to bake cookies, just haven’t had time yet.

  2. michellewaite1

    I plan to make Christmas cookie this weekend and I use what ever lights work. Great pictures.


    Awwww – won’t mommy let you ride it all over inside the house, dear child? (winking!)

    Love your slippers, by the way! I am having slipper envy!

    I use whatever kind of lights I have hanging around, some of them may be white, for all I know!

    I bake cookies, and if people happen to come over and be hungry, they turn into Christmas Baking cookies – even tho they may have been in the freezer for since summer.

    I HAVE been asked to participate in a cookie exchange, and I might do it and I might make three dozen fresh, and then again, I might not.

    I will try to come back tomorrow, my JM!


  4. hé there…congrats to your little girl and adore those slippers…sooo cute! Also love the tree, we do this at daycare too with teddy’s but not thios much though 🙂

    I only use white lights for my tree…but decided not to put up any tree this year and just decorate the house with other wamr stuff 🙂

    Have a great sunday and thanks for stopping by my blog:)

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