What I Learned this Week

I learned the following this week

1. As a dedicated blogger and photographer of everyday moments, don’t make pancakes for breakfast on Pancake Day and then forget to photograph the aforementioned pancakes before they are all eaten!

2. Enjoy the simple things with your kids – my 4 year old and I walked home from Nursery School and I let him use my point and shoot camera to take pics of the different colours we could find on our walk.

3. Daughter’s are never too old for their bedtime teddies.

4. Sticker charts still work for 11 and 9 year olds, and have been a great success this week.

5. You need to make a commitment to a small group if it is to flourish. If we take it for granted then we are in danger of it folding. In our tuesday morning fellowship group we got our wake-up call and recommitted to the group. The support, friendship and fellowship are too important. We now a renewed vision and purpose.

6. Four year olds need careful supervision while collecting eggs, or they drop them into the basket from a great height. Only one egg casualty, and no hens were harmed during this collection today!

7. As a mum, I should not feel guilty for staying at home with my kids, nor describe myself as “just a mum”.

8. When you decide to host a blogging carnival, maybe it would be easier to pay someone else than struggle for hours to make and insert the button, but I made it! (Thanks Jo-Lynn). More details on MY CARNIVAL in the next few days – you won’t want to miss it (I hope!)

Those have been my lessons for this week, and also some photos from today, as part of Project 365. What have you learned this week?

For more visit Musings of a Housewife for a great blogging carnival.

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27 thoughts on “What I Learned this Week”

  1. Great lessons. LOL about the pancakes. I would totally do the same thing. Good to know about the sticker charts b/c I’m about ready to implement some for keeping the kids in their beds at night instead of sneaking into ours.

  2. I too, have learned that it’s ok to say “no” and I don’t have to give everyone a huge reason why or feel bad about it! I love your St. Patrick’s button – well done!!

  3. Cute blog! Found you via Jo-Lynne!

    We have pancake day every Sunday before mass! The kids look forward to it and are disappointed if we can’t do it!

    I am curious about the St. Patty’s Day Carnival…will keep checking back.

  4. What an awesome post today! Sticker charts work great for husbands too….LOL
    I’m learning patience this week 🙂

  5. Jennifer (Jennilyn)

    Sounds like something I’d do…it looks like they were good though since there’s none left! 🙂 Great advice!

  6. Loved the little bits of wisdom for today! Yes, if you stay at home with your children you are more than just a mum!!! Always hated it when someone asked you what you did (job wise) I learned to not just say. Oh, I don’t work because we work hard.

  7. Musings of a Homeschooling Mom

    Thanks for sharing what you learned! I loved reading about it! Thanks for the gentle reminder about small groups. That’s been a struggle with me lately.

  8. michellewaite1

    The boys and I are going to a pancake dinner tonight. I am also enjoying chocolate until noon tommorow when I will be off until Easter.

  9. Perhaps your son likes his eggs scrambled… :o)

    This “grown-up” daughter still likes her bedtime teddy. Nope, not going to give it up!

  10. Jenn Calling Home

    I’m planning something for St. Patty’s Day. I hope it fits in with your carnival. I’ll be back. Stop by and read about The Old Boyfriends List, if you have time.

  11. I learned to never let a day go by without telling my family how much I love them. Love all your words of wisdom!!

  12. HI! Thats cool that we share the same name! I am SO jealous that you live in Ireland!!!

    OK ancestors..
    Our McEwen line goes back to John McEwen (McKewn) who was born in Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland in 1658. I don’t see any Ulsters that are directly related to our McEwen line.

    DARN! Do you tie into this line??

  13. ahem, about #7. You are SO RIGHT on this one! You are doing the most important job of all, one which you will see the value of as your children grow and go. Its an investment!

    The egg thing – too funny!

    LOVE your tag – carnival? DO tell! Whats all this about… *waiting with baited breath* You’re always up to something.

    PS – what took you 1/2 hour to struggle through to make the tag, well now, armed with knowledge would only take a few minutes, correct? Not time wasted! Its an art-form really, you could easily turn this into an ATC? Are you familiar with these?

    In case you are not:

  14. I love your list! Especially the part about the pancakes, LOL. I think that the empty plate makes a very nice statement, though. 🙂

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