On the 7th day of December….a Christmas Nativity..again!

If you have been here recently, thanks for coming back, and by now you will realise how I love Christmas, and especially the Nativity story, which is the reason for the season (a cliche I know, but true!).

So, for today, I present to you…..

Mary,Joseph and Baby Jesus

I love the look of amazement on the shepherd’s face

The wise men (only 2 in this set)

And finally, the whole ensemble with the stable

I mentioned recently in this post how my son’s class had gone to a forest to pick their tree for their school. They “forgot” to bring an axe, but Santa arrived to save the day.

Here is a layout I made for their teacher about the day (kids’ faces blurred for their privacy) using Cozy Christmas by Lara Payton at Dusty Bear.

Tonight we helped our kids write their letters to Santa, and then watched Miracle on 34th Street in front of the fire. Feeling very festive.

Come back soon, for more daily December posts.

Leave a comment if you have a moment, thanks.
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