Shopping – or not – home exchange in France continues

Today we designated as “shopping day” of our 2 week holiday in France, and we headed north to Lille. Thanks to some excellent driving by my husband, and excellent navigating by moi, we managed to go directly to an outlet shopping centre, followed by a large shopping centre.

I did buy a few items of clothing, and some house-y bits and pieces, but I took a few photos with my iphone of some of this things I DIDN’T purchase….

I loved these mini Le Cruset pots

and these heart shaped ones

but reckoned Easy Jet would not look kindly on some over-burdened suitcases, so I resisted…..just.

This colourful glassware also caught my eye

but again a bit of a challenge to get home.

And these were very cute kiddie glass tumblers

Loved this collapsible lunch box – now you see it,

now you see less of it!

This would have been easy to transport home, but the price was a bit too steep for a lunch box.

On to the main shopping centre –

these flower pot toilet brushes were fun

loved this cheese board

and these colourful serving dishes.

So, a bit weird perhaps to be sharing what I didn’t purchase, but there you go…..

What did you NOT purchase recently?!!!

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  1. Hi Sweet JM

    Yay – you took us shopping again and no danger to my wallet *grinning*

    I have to admit I’ve DROOLED over the Le Cruset pots forever and a day. The heart shaped ones are darling!

    I love that when we photo where we go and then publish to our blogs its almost like being able to “digest” what we saw. I wonder, really, if its good for our memory? Like I KNOW for a fact that my blog has worked countless times as my memory, my journal in that I can go back and look up almost anything?

    Missing you, but not really, haha, because you’re always HERE for us. Love it, thanks for your blog and for being you.

    ♥ Barb

  2. OK – the flower pot toilet brushes? Cute, but really, are they functional? Because I am NOT turning a toilet brush that I just used upside down to stick it in a pot because SOMETHING MIGHT DRIP ON MY HAND AND CAUSE ME TO DIE.

  3. Oh my gosh, I could die happy seeing those pots. LOVE!!

    I’m stopping by from the SITS BBC ATL forum post, meeting my fellow BBC attendees. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you!!!

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