Bonjour from Disneyland Paris

It has been a long day, so just planning to post a quick photo for now.
We were delighted with our eldest daughter’s Transfer Test result for her Eleven Plus – she got an A grade. We were phoned with the result while we were in the departure lounge at the airport. Thanks to everyone who was supporting her and us in prayer through this stressful time!
Arrived in Paris to snow. Have 2 beautiful connecting hotel room with a view of the lake (without paying the supplement).
Got to the park in time for a trip on the railway, then saw the Once Upon a Dream parade, and my son at last got to wave at Mickey.

Dinner at Annettes Diner (including roller blading and singer waiters), Candelbration, and quite a few rides, including Buzz Lightyear, before walking back to the hotel at 9.30 pm.
Our very excited kids are now asleep.
Thanks for all the concern about my tooth that once was, not so painful today – I think a bit of Disney magic may be helping, or else it is the pain killers!

Take care all. I may not have time to visit all your blogs now, but I will try after our trip.
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16 thoughts on “Bonjour from Disneyland Paris”

  1. wow fab photos hun and sure missed the fact you were going to disney land…that is awsome!! Been a weird week for me… Enjoy it, it’s beautiful out there and so much fun! Hugs

  2. I have never thought of DIsney in the snow!!

    Orlando, Anaheim, Hong Kong, all smow free Disney destinations. How fun!!

  3. You’ve been tagged. I know you’re on vacation, so don’t worry about doing it right away.

    You have to tell six interesting things about yourself, link back to my blog, and then pick six more people to tag. 🙂

  4. Amazing that you are actually posting while you are on vacation. Such dedication! Are you using a computer at your hotel, or did you actually bring one with you?

    It was great, great fun to read about your trip and see some of your photos. Thank you!

    Now, get back to enjoying your vacation! Your blogging friends will be here upon your return.



  5. Magical!! I love Disney, but I can honestly say that is the first time I’ve seen snow falling at a Disneyland!! So cool! Have a fabulous vacation!

  6. Love the photos. Tell you daughter congratulations. What a way to spend the day that you get your results!

  7. wow! Disney in snow – something I’ve never seen. awesome! Minnie looked like she needed a coat – lol :O). we go to Disney World in Florida, U.S. and Buzz Lightyear is one of my alltime favorite rides – glad you got to enjoy it! have a great time – looking forward to all your photos

  8. Just noticed these pics on the bottom of your current post. We leave for WDW in Florida on Thursday. We can’t wait. Looks like you all had a wonderful time in Disneyland Paris.

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