On the 5th of December …some advent calenders

I am not sure what the tradition is in other countries, but here advent calenders are an integral part of Christmas.

We do have that come out every year

  • some based on the Nativity
  • some Santa based
  • and then there is the one that got away … I regret not purchasing this one last year when I saw it in Dekko

 you can see more about them in my post about Advent Calendars last year
but the most popular ones this year features that seasonal festive character Ben 10. As each evening a “window” is opened to reveal a chocolate sweet, there has been little need of persuasion to clear a certain 6 year old’s plate.

This year the girls have Thortons chocolate ones to enjoy.

Do you have any advent calendars, chocolate or otherwise? Please share 🙂

See you back here tomorrow.

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  1. I DO, I DO!

    How timely for I just posted yesterday on the lovely hand made advent sent to me my my SIL! I feel happy I can relate. My Mr. is eating all the chocolates though because he gives me Lindt for breakfast instead so he gets these little wrapped ones.

    Love your posts, thanks for being faithful to the challenge. I know how busy you are.

    Love, Barb

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