On the 6th of December…..some festive words!

Those who are regulars to my blog may remember I have an affection for words and signs.

Christmas is obviously no exception, so today I have sought out and photograped some festive words from around the house.


Today’s Christmas Question (should you choose to answer) – do you have any Christmas words in your house?

Heavy (for N Ireland) snow here tonight, so I am not able hold the JanMary Jewellery Night which was planned at a friend’s house for this evening.

However, there have been some tragic deaths on the roads here over the weekend, so it is not worth the risk, and I am thankful to have all the family cosy and at home this evening.

Since I thanked you for all your comments, you have stopped commenting! So pretty please, leave a comment.


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  1. Last year I purchased a nativity scene with a word..now I’ll have to wait until I dig it out to see what the word is for sure but I think it is Peace. Today I bought a tiny one at Hallmark. It says Jesus is the Reason and has a tiny nativity on top. I’ll do a photo to share.
    Mama Bear

  2. I do have one gold NOEL, in addition to my everyday Carpe Diem & Welcome.

    If it were up to me, you’d be able to read my walls 24/7. But I have three others who live with me who don’t feel like living in a dictionary.

  3. I do not have Christmas words
    Nor anything one could read if they looked,
    Unless you count my big white shelf,
    But there the words are “booked”


    Your place always looks so festive, I don’t have to decorate at all. I just stream your blog to my front room haha!

    I’m feeling silly tonight – need a good nights rest.

    I’m so glad you chose to stay home, safe and sound. We have virtually no snow right now, just little bits.

    So glad to see you blogging daily and I’ll faithfully comment!

  4. I am thinking…I didn’t think that I had any words in my house, but I do. I have a sign with a snow man that says “Let it snow.” I guess living in the southeastern part of the US, snow is a welcomed sight! Carla

  5. no words but I do have initials on our tree for family members including pets!!! does that count?
    starting to get a bit overwhelmed w/ the holidays –
    but I think next week will be better!!!

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