Meet Jonathan and his big sister

So this is my friends’ new baby Jonathan meeting his big sister for the first time a few hours after arriving in this world. The lovely photo was taken by the proud father. I showed considerable and remarkable restraint by limiting myself to just a few elements and NO paper – a first for me!

So very few credits, just Gina Marie Huffs wonderful Playing With Wire Doodles and Words.

Here is another LO to share, it is one of my favs from the summer, and I added some buttons so I can enter it in this weeks great challenge over at The Meadow blog Three Things Challenge

Credits HERE

My older 2 kids finish school today for a week – our half-term Halloween break. Heading up to the cottage – looking forward to being on the beach again, all wrapped up in our winter coats. Plan to take some photos for a family Christmas Card, so I can share my new passion of digital scrapbooking with more friends and family.

If you have read this far, I would love you to leave a comment and share your ideas if you are planning on creating your own christmas card and if you have made it yet.

Finally – our minister has started a blog HERE and I would love it if you could drop by and welcome him to the world of blogging.

Take care

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  1. wonderful lo you have create. I can’t help you with the christmascard, since I do my in papers (homemade). If you want you can see some of the cards on my blog, and I shall put a photo inside the card with photocorners.

    have a great weekend. See you next week 🙂

  2. I’ve got no plans for a Christmas card this year. International postage is too much and we blog for the family to keep in touch.

  3. OH, what a precious summer LO you did … and I love the little critters!! Jonathan’s big sister looks SO proud! I hope she stays just as proud all of his life!

  4. Beautiful layouts! Good luck with your Christmas cards, mine will just be Hallmark. lol.

    Enjoy your day.

  5. Fabulous layouts! This will be my first year creating digital Christmas cards. Usually I have the kids do some sort of art project that we turn into a card and we make one paper card and then I scan it and we print the rest.

  6. I love love love your LO’s! What a beautiful little baby, I just love a newborn. NO PAPER, wow, you are a brave one, and it looks great! The talk to the animals Lo is great too, whimsical and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your layouts are lovely. I’ve been looking through the craft magazines, but haven’t selected a card design yet. Last year I decorated the front of my cards with ornaments made using cut-out circles and paper clips (for the hangers).

  8. AW! What a beautiful layout! Stunning photo too! Congrats to them!!!

    I haven’t started on our Christmas card yet. I need too! LOL

  9. Lovely pages!! I do plan to make my own Christmas card, but until right now, I hadn’t even thought about it!! I nedd to start thinking about it :)!

  10. Hi JanMary! Love your layouts. The baby is so sweet!
    I haven’t started to create a Christmas card. thanks for the reminder, I love to do things in advance and don’t have to stress to the last minute!
    Have a wonderful trip!!!


  11. Hi JanMary –

    Was so good to see you visited, thanks so much. I just `visited` your Pastor, too.

    Ha, Christmas Card.. oh my, I`m not even close yet gurl. It`s DH`s bday today and I`ve just barely dried the ink on his card… then there`s my sis on Nov 6th… and a ton of stuff… no my card will be a while yet!

    catch up with you soon.
    hugs galore

    Happy Bday to your friend … and you have a wonderful time at your cottage!

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