Happy Halloween

We are interupting this Half Term break at the cottage for

  1. A Halloween Party and Trick or Treating with the neighbours back at home
  2. A trip to the dentist for me including root canal treatment (ouch)

So while I am at home I will share a few halloween pics, a pumkin carving layout and ……..a turnip!

First my kids in their Halloween costumes:

Some scary witches

who can’t stay scary for long!

and then a very happy little pirate.

On Sunday, after a walk on the beach we did some pumkin carving. The journalling was written and typed in by my younger daughter – a digi-scrapist in the making?

Credits Swirling Leaves Collab by Heidi Williams from Weeds & Wildflower Designs and Saxon Holt of Sophia Sarducci
Template No.10 by Yin
Fonts – Love Ya Like a Sister and Jumpstart.

It took so little time in comparison to how long it took us to hollow out a turnip (YES – TURNIP!) when we were children. Pumpkins hadn’t reached the shores on Ireland in the seventies, nor had most of the halloween stuff now available. For us it was a turnip, an old white sheet with holes to be a ghost, and some bobbing for apples!

I mentioned this a while back on this blog, and received a lot of comments and some hilarity on my turnip, so when purchasing our pumpkin, I could not resist a photo of a turnip to share.

It brings back many a memory of aching hands and bent spoons and we spent hours trying to create a lantern. I was not tempted, even for a second, to try to recreate the actual lantern, so a photo of an intact turnip will have to suffice.

So which would you choose – a pumpkin, or a turnip – the decision is yours!

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  1. OMGosh, those scary faces are just too cute! Love all their costumes! I can’t imagine hollowing a turnip. Personally, I think pumpkins are hard enough to carve!

  2. The costumes look great and the pumpkin carving layout is awesome.

    I was watching a Halloween cooking show on the Food Network and they talked about the carved turnips and showed some photos. It reminded me of a shrunken head because I’m used to carved pumpkins. The turnip looked pretty neat, though!

    I hope your party is fun!

  3. Hands down I would choose a turnip! Pumpkins are pretty yes, but a turnip is much ‘scarier’ looking, don’t you agree?

    Your Girls are very Creepy/Chic and well your lil guy and his mop of carrot hair is sooooooo sturdy and handsome. What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing JanMary.

    I am sorry I had to run this morning but I had to go to town and do a surprize cake for my sweetie.

    Chat to you soon!


  4. First, your photos are beautiful, and I want to make leek soup now seeing those fat leeks next to the turnips! I’d heard that on your side of the pond turnips used to be used for lanterns, in fact I think I read that you all did turnips first, so maybe everybody should have to carve just one turnip in their lifetime! LOL!
    Your witches are lovely, and your pirate is sweet!
    Sent you an email about a comment you left on my blog.
    Take care and sorry about the root canal. YIKES!!

  5. As usual your photo’s are really great, your kids are so adorable! Love your layout, great job using so many pictures!

  6. oh, I like a good old turnip, LOL!
    Your kids costumes are wonderful, love those pretty little witches and handsome pirate, arrgh! 🙂

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