What I Learned this Week – organising a blog carnival

If you have visited my blog in the last month, you probably could not have escaped noticing I was hosting a bloggy carnival! If you weren’t here in the last month – why not???

Here are a few things I learnt during the process

1. It is hard work
2. It is lots of fun
3. Practice creating your Mr Linky (preferably on a test blog for your eyes only).
4. When the time comes to put Mr Linky on your main blog REMEMBER that you will still need to edit your HTML on your main blog – or it won’t work!!!
5. Use a random number generator to select your winning numbers.
6. It is much more fun to give than to receive! I really enjoyed contacting all the winners, and it is lovely to be the bearer of good news.
7. As you mother always taught you – thank your guests for coming to your party!

Other things learnt this week

  • This week it is “People” in my online photography course, and here is some evidence (I hope!) of what I learned about using natural light when photography people.

  • I learnt that Marks & Spencer had a sale starting this morning, and as always I end up buying more for the kids than anyone else.

I did get some great bargains, including some lovely t-shirts. I especially love the turquoise one with the wee bird on it, maybe because it reminds me of Twitter (!) and it was only £2 (about US$£3).

That’s me up to date for today. For more What I Learned This Week visit Jo-Lynne.

Tomorrow I am planning to join in WFMW with an easy-peasy banana bread recipe.

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  1. The bird shirt is adorable! And what a good buy! Oh, how I love a bargain…

    I’m glad you got Mr. Linky figured out! It took me quite a while, too. I was a bit afraid of it – seemed too technical. Hooray for women who persevere!

  2. I still can’ figure out Mr. Linky! My hat goes off to you!

    I’m glad I found your blog!

  3. I wish I hadn’t read that now cos I will have to go out after dinner to M&S. I didn’t know they were having a sale and when we were in yesterday my youngest daughter saw that t-shirt and the matching jeans and she loved them. I will have to go and buy them now LOL.

  4. I love that birdie shirt. How cute! If you haven’t already, you should definitely enter that great photo in the iheartfaces contest – it’s “no flash” week.

  5. How fun to find your blog! Glad someone is up to doing all the work of a blog carnival… it’s all I can do to just update mine a couple times a week! Thanks for sharing your fun thoughts.

  6. Love the T-shirts and the photograph.You RAWK dude! I have yet to do a carnival but I did have to figure out Mr.Linky for the class I am teaching. Not too bad but helps to have good friends who you can call or tweet or email with those pesky problems that always seem to crop up!

    Have a good one!

  7. Marksy’s sales are always good. Love the t shirts. And I don’t think I would have it in me to host a carnival, even the thought of it gives me the shakes.

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